Myers-Briggs and Bloggers

You guys, I don’t know what’s come over me but I’ve completely reverted back to my fifteen year old self and I’m completely enthralled with personality tests again.

I remember constantly googling personality quizzes and taking them over and over. My two favorites, though, were the Color Test and the Myers-Briggs. Of course, once I moved past my affinity for these personality quizzes I fell into a pretentious ‘too cool for personality test’ phase and after that I stopped thinking of them all together.

The first time I took the Myers-Briggs test was in my high school psychology class and I got INFP. That stayed consistent in every test I took until my friends and I retook the quiz my freshman year of college and I had switched into an INFJ and I’ve tested that way ever since.


I’ve been especially introspective in the past month, so I’m guessing that is why I was drawn back into taking the quizzes, and I’ve especially loved talking to friends and other bloggers about what their Myers-Briggs result is.

I was shocked to find out how many bloggers (the majority of the ones I spoke to!) were INFJ’s. While I expected us people who spend our days talking to the wonderful people of the internet were introverted, it’s surprising that so many of us line up exactly because it’s estimated that only 1-3% of the population is INFJ, and based on the small sample I talked to, well over 50% of bloggers are INFJ!

INFJ’s are also called ‘the advocate’ and they fall into the ‘diplomat’ category.  According to this site I’ve been reading, INFJ’s are known for making their main goal helping others and are the powerful combination of soft spoken and strong willed.

What interested me most, though, was looking into common careers for INFJ. The blogging/INFJ connection clicked when I read that INFJ’s are unlikely to thrive in a corporate structure, and more often they seek out self-employment. The same site went on to say that it’s likely they are working on something creative in a field where they can help and connect with others.

Of course not everyone buys into these personality tests, but I think that they are really fun and it’s interesting to see what a short questionnaire can deduce about you.

This was a bit of a rambling and unplanned post, but I was hoping I could convince a few of you to leave comments and tell me your Myers-Briggs and a little bit about yourself and how your MB relates to you!! The people I know in real life are sick of me asking them, so please, internet strangers (and friends!) appease me and share away!

Note, this isn't the official Myer-Briggs test. But it pops out results in the same format!