My May Favorites & A YouTube Update!

It’s June! My favorite month of the year – it’s my birthday month, the first month of summer, and the weather is absolutely beautiful! But after how incredible May was, I am almost sad to see it go. May brought a ton of happiness through coming home for the summer, spending time with my favorite babies, and catching up with everyone! In addition May brought me some some exciting news (that will be shared soon!) and I broke some blogging records, too! With all of my free time in the summer I thought that it would be a great idea to start up on my YouTube channel again because making videos is so much fun!

My May Favorites

Products Mentioned!

Hautelook – This is my all time favorite place to go online shopping! Every day they feature new brands with products at a steep discount. I have gotten 30 dollar Steve Madden Boots, a ton of Urban Decay makeup for around 4o dollars and I have 6 books on the way that I got for around 30!
Beauty Blender – I caved. I splurged. And I have no regrets. I am just so impressed with this! My makeup looks so much better than it ever did before and it makes me look airbrushed!
Lorac Palette (Similar) – The exact one was limited edition, but this palette is the same idea with different eye shadows and blush! And Lorac is a really great brand – this is the only thing of theirs I own but whenever I’m in Sephora I try out their products and I am always impressed!
Nail Polish – I have recommended this polish to nearly everyone I know because it really is the best. It goes on super opaque and lasts days longer than my Essie or OPI nail polishes.
Brushes (Similar) – I couldn’t find the exact brush roll that I own, but this brush set actually looks even cooler! It is really sleek and comes with a great case!
Lash Serum – Let me just first say that this serum is ridiculously overpriced. But if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket it might be worth it. After only around two months my lashes started looking so much longer and they are just starting to get full. I am crazy about the results!
Olay Soap – This soap is the best! If summer has a scent, it’s a little something like this! Beyond the great smell it makes my skin feel really soft, something I need after the winter!
Dove Oil – I have an entire post about this here, but I really can’t sing this product enough praise. It has made a huge difference in my hair!
Crochet Top (Similar) – Both of my tops are a year or two old so I couldn’t find them exactly – but this one has the same feel!
Lace top (Similar) – This one is pretty new, but for whatever reason it wasn’t on the Von Maur website anymore. I had trouble finding one super similar, but this is pretty close!
Converse – These are just a summertime staple in my wardrobe and my absolute favorite shoes!
Boots– I got these from Nordstrom Rack online, and I am in love! I was actually looking for black heeled booties when I stumbled upon these and it was love at first sight!

YouTube Update!

I am so excited to have the time to film again, I just need to start brainstorming video ideas! I will be posting weekly at the very least, but I am going to really try to be even more frequent than that! A few ideas I have are a fitness routine, cooking videos, and college advice videos. If you have any other ideas let me know and I can make a video!