My favorite Pandora Stations.

Please don’t hate me for posting so many self-indulgent posts lately. This one is a little less so because I am going to be introducing you to some killer new Pandora stations by some of my faves. And just in time for ad-free day on Pandora! I have been toying around with this post for a while, and today I got the notification that tomorrow (aka the day that this post is going live!) Pandora isn’t going to be playing ads.

So I took it as a sign.

I spend the better part of my day listening to music – while I cook, while I walk to class, while I work, and anywhere in between. And I switch Pandora stations a lot though out the day because I have stations for nearly every occasion. My taste in music is very Indie, so not everyone is going to love this post. But I hope a lot of you do!

Calling all music lovers! Want recommendations for great new Pandora stations? Look no further!

The best station for walking to class: The Fratellis Radio.

OK, so The Fratellis are my fave. When I walk to class I really like listening to music that is upbeat and makes me feel like I’m in a romantic comedy about to serendipitously run into my soulmate. When in reality I’m dreading spending four hours in the same seat for my torturous back to back classes.

Stand out song: Acid Jazz Singer – The Fratellis. This is in my top ten favorite songs ever, it just makes me feel happy!
Runner up: Ia*M Always Right – The Pigeon Detectives. I can’t help but dance, I’m embarrassing and awkward as I bob along to the music on my journey to class and I don’t even care a little.

The best station for cooking: Dia Frampton Radio.

So, I wrote Dia Frampton off a long time when she was on the voice because I really did not like anything she sang on there but holy smokes when she isn’t covering pop songs she is amazing! Her song ‘Isabellla’ came on my He is We radio this time last year and I fell in love. And now I know all of the words to nearly every song that comes up on her Pandora Station. And that is exactly what I’m looking for when I cook – I want to be stirring my sauce and singing along. (I just really want to feel like I’m in a romcom.)

Stand out song: Grey or Blue – Jaymay. This is probably my all time favorite song, and even though it’s years old I just feel like it gets better every time that I listen to it.
Runner up: Daniel – Dia Frampton. When I sing along to this I get really into the emotions. This is a fave.

The best station for working out: Uptown Funk Radio.

Say what you want about that song, but it is a great song to workout to. And all of the other songs that come onto that station are really great and upbeat and just get me feeling motivated!

Standout song: Uptown Funk: I don’t know what it is about that song, but it motivates me.
Runner up: All about that bass – Meghan Trainor: Ok, so there is so much to hate about that song and really I don’t like it at all but it comes on that station a lot and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve made up a squat routine to it. So it’s good for something!
The other runner up: SexyBack – Justin Timberlake: OK, tell me that you don’t want to bring sexy back? I pretend that I can only bring sexy back if I finish my workout strong.

The best station for blogging/studying: Classical for Studying Radio.

I love this station so so much. I really am not big on complete silence unless I’m sleeping, and this station is great for background noise that you don’t have to think about.

Standout song types of songs: A lot of songs pop up that are the instrumental version of well known songs! Anything from Disney to the top 40 are represented and it’s just really fun to hear a song that is familiar.

Honorable Mention:

  • The best station for when I’m in a funk: Disney Children’s Radio, for obvious reasons
  • The best station for when I’m getting dolled up: Miranda Lambert Radio. When Gunpowder & Lead comes on I just feel fierce.
  • The best station for when I’m feeling nostalgic: He is We Radio. He is We was basically the sound of my high school existence and Rachel Taylor is one of my idols. When the world is getting to be too much I just need to hear a classic He is We song and I feel better.
  • The best station for when I need a cry: Happier Radio. OK, so as a quick disclaimer this doesn’t happen often. Maybe every month or two, but regardless this is my go to station. The name is a bit contradictory, but Happier is actually a sad song, and most of the songs that play on this station are of a similar mood. So when I need to just let it all out sad music that still sounds good is what I need.

What are your favorite Pandora Stations? I want to know! And if we have a similar taste in music I would especially love some recommendations!