Mustard & Purple for the Fall ft. Jord Watches

So if you couldn’t already tell, fall is kind of my jam. I feel like I can be louder and bolder with my style choices and play around with the great colors fall brings ’round. My all time favorite color pairing (tied with burgundy and white) is mustard and purple. I think they play off each other really nice, and their contrast isn’t too ‘clash-y’ like some contrasting colors can tend to be.

For the fourth year, my favorite cardigan from the sales rack of the guy’s section at American Eagle is making an appearance. (That’s a huge pro-tip right there! If you’re looking for flannels, cardigans, or any other unisex item, the men’s section usually will have that item for cheaper!)



The rest of the outfit is pretty simple: My favorite American Eagle leggings which are wearing at the knees from over-wear and my JC Penney boots that I’m sure that you’re all probably sick of seeing by now.

When I pair contrasting colors, I usually do so fairly subtly so instead of opting for a purple tee, I stuck with a simple white one from Target and brought the contrast out in my accessories. My necklace is from JC Penney (they have the best jewelry selection for cheap!) and my watch is a wooden watch from Jord!*


This is the coolest watch that I’ve ever owned and it has quickly become one of my prized positions! The band is made entirely of wood and if you look at the face you can see the inner-workings of the watch through the glass window. Pair that with the beautiful color pairing (mine is the Maple and Lavender from the Cora Series!) and this has quickly become a wardrobe staple. I especially love wearing it with outfits like this, but the color is subtle enough that I can wear it with any outfit without worrying about clash.

IMG_8435The biggest way I have been accessorizing lately, though, is my lips. I’ve never been a ‘lipstick person’ (if that’s even a thing), but that’s all changing. My biggest opposition to lipstick has always been my weird lips – they are dry no matter what I do, they have lines that are made more obvious when I’m wearing color, and I bite them when I’m stressed (which is always.) But I’ve come up with a routine that has been nearly fail proof: I exfoliate with the ELF lip exfoliater, put on a thin layer of coconut oil, prime my lips (this has been the biggest game changer!) with a NYX lip primer, and then proceed to color. I’m wearing the L’Oreal Le Matte Lip Color in Matte-r of Fact here, blended with a bit of black eye liner to deepen the color.

My favorite color combo is mustard and purple, what’s yours? 

Mens Wooden Watches


Jord was kind enough to gift me this watch for review. I only blog about products I love and stand behind, if this watch was anything less than excellent I wouldn't recommend it! This is not a sponsored post and all my opinions are my own.