Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

This post contains gifted items* and affiliate links**

I don’t want to freak anyone out, but there is only one week left to shop for the leading lady in your life. That’s right, Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 14th.

I win worst daughter of the year award and will be in New York on Mother’s Day (for work, not play) so I waited to publish until today – my mom’s birthday – and share some of the things I got her for her special day and some suggestions on other great things your mom would be sure to love.

I was careful to include ideas to fit every budget so whether you’re a thrifty college student working part-time or an established career woman still happy dancing after your latest promotion, there should be something to fit your price restrictions.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

ECCO Sculptured Hobo Bag*

IMG_0526 ecco


Maybe this one is a little selfish, but there’s no shaming in gifting your momma something that you’d want to borrow, too! Y’all know I love ECCO and this bag is no exception. My mom and I have pretty similar tastes in handbags except she prefers hers a little larger than I do, so I figured this one would be perfect for her.

It gave me major heart eyes, but as someone who only ever has her phone and keys on her, it was too roomy for my everyday use. My mom, on the other hand, carries lotions and eye glasses and ibuprofen and whatever other mysterious goodies mom’s have floating around in their purses so the ECCO sculptured Handbag is perfect for her (and she’s already switched out her old purse for this one!)

An updated skincare routine


I’m the beauty lover in my family – I’m always trying out new products and am happy to dole out recommendations. I’ve been using the Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna Sleeping Oil combination for a month or so now and am in love, and recently added Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum* into the mix. My mom isn’t always one to splurge on beauty products, so I’m happy to guinea pig a few and find the best and share with her.

New Jewelry



Depending on how glam your mom is, jewelry can be perfect and it’s an accessible gift at any price point. Pictured I’ve got bracelets and earrings from SugarFix by BaubelBar* – a fun collaboration BaubleBar has with Target with amazing price points, rings from Forever21 (Less than $5 each!) and two more expensive necklaces. A pearl necklace I got at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and a constellation necklace from Child of Wild.

Jewelry is such a great gift because you can truly customize it to what that pretty mama of yours would love. Something small and dainty, or maybe loud cocktail rings, or a pendant with you and your sibling’s initials engraved if mom is more sentimental.

A Spa Day


This is a wonderful gift that you can customize to fit your budget – whether you’re sending mama to a day spa for the day, or creating a little spa day at home nothing says “I love you” like giving her some pampering time (this one is especially great for mom’s who might still have younger kids at home – give them a break and watch the littles while she unwinds).

If you’re DIY-ing it, Lush has beautiful products like bath bombs and face masks that will leave your mom feeling pampered. If you don’t have a Lush near you, Target has a great selection of spa day picks or you can check out Etsy!

Light reading




Find out who your mom has a celeb WCW on, and chances are she has written a memoir. I love reading celebrity memoirs because most of them are hilarious and they are easy reads that you can set down and pick back up without having to think too much about them.

I buy my books on Amazon** usually I’ll buy them used, but for my momma I’m willing to splurge.

Happy Mother’s Day!

You know your mom better than anyone, though. Dig deep and if you can’t think of anything, going sentimental is always a safe bet. A framed photo of the two of you, or a book where you’ve written down your favorite memories might just make your mom cry in a good way.

What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day? I promise I won’t tell! ?