Memories, the Future & Boating.

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When it comes to my identity, there are a few key descriptions that I think sum me up pretty well: Student, blogger, daughter, friend, adventurer, river rat.  I’ve always said that I have river water running through my veins. Every other memory from my childhood takes place on my dad’s boat and for my entire life the river has been my favorite place. Growing up there was approximately ten feet from my back door to the Rock River, and the flow of the river has always been a constant in my life. No matter how busy I’ve gotten or how many miles from home I moved for school I could always count on lazy Sundays on the boat. If you’re a river rat like me, you know how the rock of the waves can help melt any stress or worries away and the peace that the water brings. As I grow up and I start planning for the future I know that boating has to be a constant. It’s not something I can ever quit, it’s always been a part of me and it’s shaped me so much I can’t imagine one day not having it in my life. Maybe it’s just the point I’m at in my life, but I find myself constantly daydreaming about the future – my future home, job, family, everything! In case your curious I imagine myself living in a smallish town with a huge lake and/or a river running through it with my future husband and a large army of children. Of course I hope for waterfront property so after a long day I can hop on the boat and unwind.

The boat has always been my favorite place – even when it’s out of the water!

Naturally I want a large pontoon like the one I grew up on – it was powerful enough to pull a tube, big enough to bring a ton of friends! Discover Boating has a Boat Selector tool that helps me when I’m daydreaming about the future and I can find my dream boat based on things like length and number of passengers! Plus they’ve got a lot of useful information under the ‘Get on the Water‘ tab like water safety and youth boating, plus a place where you can find boats to rent! If you’re a current (or future!) boat owner, Discover Boating has a ton of resources you can use to prepare and educate yourself. Whether your an old pro or still preparing or even years off like me, it’s definitely a fun website to explore! Boating is a great way to bring people together and make memories – and it’s something that I plan on always having on my life. I have hundreds of treasured memories on my familie’s boats, and I could tell stories for hours. But I want to know about your treasured boating memories! Did you grow up boating like me or do you dream of one day owning your own boat? I want to know all about it!

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