March Income Report – $249.46

Hello everybody! I am back with my latest income report! I know it might come off as a bit strange to do income reports, but let me tell you why I like to do them:

  1. Transparency – there are a lot of ways to make money as a blogger – some honest, some not so much. I want to be completely transparent with you all to show you all exactly where I am making my money from and to assure you that I’m not pulling any funny business!
  2.  Growth Tracking – I have been publishing these since October, when I made $343 (though I made my first $40 in June!) and I’ve had so much fun keeping up with them every month. It’s definitely interesting to see how things are changing and where my income is really coming from.
  3. They are fun – when I first started realizing that you could monetize a blog, I was constantly checking out other bloggers’ reports and getting inspired. If you’re not a blogger these posts might not be your cup of tea, but blogger to blogger – I want to help open your eyes to the potential that your little slice of the internet has!

Traffic and Income Report.



What I did this month.

This months was a crazy one, but a good one! I have regrouped with the e-book and I am finally making good progress, and I was able to publish somewhat consistently (not counting Spring Break!)

If I’m being honest, I definitely slacked on ‘blogging strategy’ this month. I put most of my focus, again, in diversifying. I’ve said the past two months that over 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, and I want to work on my other social media channels so I have other strong traffic sources in case Pinterest ever gets crazy with it’s algorithms and I stop receiving as much traffic.

As it stands, I was only a little successful. I made a Tumblr about two months ago, and now a little over 1% of my traffic comes from there. While that seems insignificant, that’s still around 2,000 page views that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Facebook and Twitter accounted for about half a percent each, and the rest was largely made up by mentions on other blogs. My goal for April is to have eight percent of my traffic coming from Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

March Income Report:

Host Gator (from this post, where I show YOU how to make a blog!) – $150
BlogHer -$105.62
YouTube – $.67


Hosting – $6.83


The grand total for the month of March was $249.46! I am lower than I was last month, but I completely expected that after last month blowing my old record out of the water. I am absolutely thrilled to have been able to make this much for the month, and I am excited to be putting this money forth to go to New York this summer for Her Conference!

Not doing any sponsored posts this month definitely contributed to my lower numbers, but after the chaos that was February, I was more than happy to take a step back! I am now renewed and reenergized and ready to take on April!

As always, I calculated out how many hours I would have had to work at a minimum wage job to make this months total, and I would have needed to work for thirty hours, or seven and a half hours a week. While I put way more time into blogging, I am still perfectly happy with those numbers!


My numbers were about average, and something I am hoping to approve on in April, but definitely no complaints!


You can see a bit of a bump in page views at the end of the month, and that is actually when I started picking up on the e-book again. I am writing about how bloggers can utilize Pinterest to get a ton of traffic, and after experimenting with my methods I noticed a pretty sizable surge!

Can you make money blogging?

Yes! If you are interested in making a profitable blog – I would be more than happy to help! I have an incredibly detailed guide to setting up a blog here, and from there you can check out my blogging tips (there are a lot!) and if you need any further help – email me! I absolutely love talking about blogging (my friends and family are sick of hearing about it!) so do not hesitate.