Movie Review: Mantervention

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I am a total homebody, yet I enjoy hanging around people and having fun. With that said movie nights are right up my alley. I get to spend time with my friends but without having to leave the comfort of my room, and that cannot be beat. The one thing I will say about movie nights, and maybe you can relate, is that it’s nearly impossible to decide on which movie to watch. Personally I am a sucker for romantic comedies, and my boyfriend loves action. Our friends are all over the place and in the time it takes us to decide on a movie we could already have been half way through one. Luckily, I’ve recently been introduced to a movie that we can all agree on: Mantervention.

The movie is definitely more of the guys’ in my group’s brand of humor, though I most definitely enjoyed it as well. The opening of the movie introduces us to die hard romantic, Spencer who loses all hope in love when his heart is broken. We get to see just how dire his situation is via his best friend, Coke who seems to be a professional ladies man. Coke is on a mission to help Spencer forget about his ex, Allison, via a “Mantervention.”

Coke calculates that Spencer needs to hook up with 13 women in order to get over Allison, and he lands him a job at the bar in a club, where the women are plenty, in order to help him reach his quota. The assortment of girls that Coke and Spencer meet are diverse and some are definitely stranger than others.

Spencer plays along for a while, but the hopeless romantic in him just doesn’t feel right with one night stands and eventually meets Katie, who is in a very similar situation to himself. Unlike the other girls who sneak out after the hookup, Katie sticks around, introducing herself and bringing Spencer breakfast. Spencer starts to fall for Katie just as Allison is starting to show interest again, putting him in a tough situation. As I mentioned before, I am typically a RomCom girl, and this movie most definitely doesn’t not end like your typical romantic comedy. With that said, you’ll just have to watch the movie in order to see how the events unfold. You can click here to find VOD and release details

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