How I’m Managing My Money With Chime

This post is sponsored by Chime but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Buying my house in October opened my eyes to an entirely new world revolving around financial health and wealth management. I realized how important it is to be in control of your finances, and really intentional about the tools and banking you use. 

One thing that was clear to me quickly: my current bank account wasn’t cutting it. I’d been banking with them since college, and hadn’t thought much about the decision. During the home buying process, though, I realized that they didn’t have my best interests in mind and I needed to find a banking solution that put their customers first. 

Recently I found Chime, a mobile banking technology service and I’m all in. They pride themselves on transparency, and from the customer standpoint they do an incredible job championing their members.

Chime is a great online banking service.

Chime is an mobile-first banking solution, and I love the convenience of their award winning app. I’m able to move money, find near ATMs, pay friends and monitor my accounts from my phone. 

A screenshot of a map with many Chime friendly ATM's. Chime is a great online banking service.

Applying for my account was easy – it took 90 seconds and it doesn’t impact your credit score so there is zero risk. Once I was approved they sent my debit card via mail along with a slip to use to set up direct deposit with my employer. I was able to activate it on my phone and get to shopping.

Chime has a feature called SpotMe that gives you the piece of mind that comes with fee-free overdrafts for eligible members. You can overdraw up to $100 on your debit card and face no fees. I remember as a teenager with my first bank account I overdrew by a dollar or two and got slapped with a $35 dollar fee. As someone making minimum wage, that was devastating to me. Using Chime, I feel confident that I can make a mistake and not get penalized. 

A screenshot sharing that Chime members can earn $50 for referring new members.

Another fun aspect of the app is it allows you to invite friends and get rewarded when they sign up and receive a qualifying direct deposit within the first 45 days! I invited my fiance and we were both able to get $50 after he was all set up – we put that money straight into our travel fund and are looking at cool home shares for a weekend road trip. 

A screenshot sharing that Chime members can earn $50 for referring new members.

If you’re sick of predatory banking practices, I can’t recommend Chime enough. I like the feeling of being able to breathe easy knowing that they look out for their members and aren’t ready to make a profit at the expense of people who are trusting them with our money.

Another fun way Garrett and I are using Chime is to combine our wedding funds for planning so we know exactly what we’re working with. We opened a Chime account dedicated to wedding planning so we can pay our vendors directly and access our account on the go. After the wedding, we’ll be using the account as a way to save for adventures and date nights.

A photo of Garrett and Morgan in front of a waterfall after their engagement.

If you’re interested in signing up yourself, you can learn more here. And as always, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments. Even if I can’t answer them myself, I will make sure to get you the answers you need through Chime.