Tips for Growing Your Hair Long.

Like many little girls, I dreamt of growing up to be a disney princess. I most identified with the clever and sweet Belle, perhaps it was because of my big brown eyes and dark hair, or maybe it was because Beauty in the Beast would play in my house on a loop, so often that my brother begged my mom to name me Beauty. No, not Belle, just Beauty. Whatever it was, a small part of my heart truly believed one day somebody would discover my true identity and sweep me away to live in my castle.

I’m a little older now, and I still like to keep that thought in the back of my mind. Only now I identify more with Rapunzel. Her awkward charm and excitable demeanor are definitely contributors, but lets not ignore the fact that much like Rapunzel, I have too much hair to know what to do with.

That’s right, my hair is loooong. And it has been for quite some time. But that’s no accident. I’ve put a lot of hard work into ensuring that my hair would grow long and healthy and stay healthy. At first it was a lot of trial and error, but now I seem to have my system down to a science and I thought some of my lovely readers may be aiming to grow long hair so these are just some tips that I recommend if you’re growing your hair long.

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It’s no huge secret that you need to start from the inside out when growing your hair long. That means eating well, sleeping well, and drinking a lot of water. I won’t go too far into how to go about this, because it’s the same advice you’ve been hearing since middle school health class, but it is important. Not just for pretty hair, but more importantly you’ll feel happier and more energized if you make healthy decisions!


I never really believed the hair, skin, nail vitamin hype – but I was proven wrong. I have been taking skin, hair, and nail vitamins for about four months now. I had thought I reached my terminal length, or the point where my hair stops growing, but my hair has since grown just about two and a half inches past that point. I also take a daily multivitamin that contains biotin, as well.

Hairyhair 001


If you’ve been researching growing your hair long you’ve probably heard the “you must get trims every six weeks” myth. That’s right, it’s a myth. You are much better off getting your hair trimmed only when you need it. And maybe that will be every six weeks, but for me it’s only two or three times a year. I keep up with split ends on my own just spending a few minutes every week searching them out with hair scissors. When it comes to the point where I can look at my hair and see it’s damaged then I go and get a trim. All that unnecessary trims do are take off a month or two of progress.


A lot of people don’t know the proper way to shampoo and condition. When washing your hair you should only shampoo your scalp, when you rinse the suds will take care of cleaning the rest of the hair. Also, unless you have sweat a lot only shampoo about twice a week. For the rest of your showers massaging your scalp very well with water will do the trick. If I feel my hair absolutely needs to be shampooed in between I will dilute my shampoo with a ton of water for that washing.


I condition every shower, whether I shampoo or not. If I do shampoo I will condition from the ears down, otherwise I will just condition the last six inches or so. Conditioner helps add moisture to your hair to prevent breakage, so skipping out on conditioning puts you on the fast track to split ends.

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I try to keep my product usage low, so that my hair retains some volume, but some product use is necessary. After every shower I use my Its a 10 miracle leave-in product, which is pricey, so I only buy it when I come into extra money. When I run out of my Its a 10, II use Argan Magic’s Nourishing Hair Cream which I can find for less than half the price at TJ Maxx and it works almost as well. I also use FX Silk drops that I buy for under five dollars at Target to add shine into my hair nearly every day.



I love DIY hair masks, and my two favorite ingredients to use are coconut oil and honey. I try to do these weekly, but honestly I only find time for that when I’m home on breaks, otherwise I make sure to do them at least once a month. The one I do most often is coconut oil, I melt palmful by palmful and massage it through my hair, scalp to ends. I let it sit all night, sometimes until morning. It takes a little extra work to wash it all out, but I immediately notice softer, shinier hair.


It may sound silly, but you may benefit from massaging your scalp. It helps “stimulate the follicles” by getting some blood flow to that pretty noggin of yours. The only time I really think to do this is when I’m doing a hair mask, but plenty of people swear by this!


It’s good advice to sleep on a silk pillowcase, though I am far too attached to my tie-dye cotton pillowcase to make the switch. What I do instead is sleep with my hair in loose braids. Having them tied will keep them from being snagged and pulled as you sleep.


The piece of advice that everyone dreads: Limit your heat. It’s not fun, and it’s not easy to make the transition, but your hair will thank you! I’ve been almost completely heat free for three years using heat a maximum of 15 times since then, only on special occasions. Once you get your hair to a healthy point it will look better natural, or there are tons of tutorials on other blogs and on YouTube for no hair hairstyles. If you absolutely cannot get away with not using heat, always use a heat protectant to minimize the damage.

There you have it! What are your best tips for growing your hair out?