My list.

I humbly present to you my crazy, ever evolving, completely ambitious to do list. Here is a list of things that I am going to do. Not “someday”  but soon. These are goals that I am actively working towards and will complete. I have no doubt that I will cross every item off this list, though I’ll never have them all crossed off. You see, this list will be added to whenever inspiration strikes and I find another ambition.

Dream big, my friends.


Get a passport

Travel to New Zealand

Travel Solo

Travel Solo by Plane New York City summer of 2

Travel to Japan

Visit all 50 states (15/50)

Swim with dolphins

Go swimming in every ocean (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic/Southern)

Visit my best friend in Texas Summer of 2015

Float in the dead sea

Travel using workaway

Do the Hollywood Sign Hike

Travel to San Francisco

Live in another state New York City for half a year, 2016


Run Across a State

Run a 6:00  5:45 5:30 mile
Update: Much out of shape as of June 2017. Let’s try to run a 7:00 mile

Run a half-marathon

Run a marathon

Run a race in every state (4/50)

Be confident in walking on my hands

Run everyday for a month


Make a cooking show on YouTube

Cook a successful 5 course meal

Learn how to make homemade pasta

Open my own bakery

Successfully eat a vegan diet for 10 days

Eliminate processed foods from my diet for a month

Write a cookbook

Write an e-cookbook


Start a blog (Planned for Winter of 2014)  (1/28/2014)

Get 1000 pageviews on my blog in a month (4/24/2014) in a week  (7/2/2014) in a day (7/29/2014)

Get 50,000 100,000 200,000 500,000 page views in a month

Get into photography

Learn how to play guitar (In progress)

Become fluent in sign language (In progress)

Get Ordained

Earn 25 badges on Codecademy (12/25)

Become a polygot

Learn to keep bees


Become a mom (just not quite yet)

Get married

Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary

Own a house

Have a huge garden and grow all of my own produce

Raise chickens

Walk in a Fashion Show


White water raft

Climb a mountain with Chris

Sleep under the Northern lights

Go zorbing

Go to a trampoline park

Ride a mechanical bull

Be an extra in a Hollywood movie

Be on Ellen

Climb a volcano

Go indoor skydiving


Become location independent

Publish children’s books


Have 1,000 in the stock market

Write and sell an E-book

Write and sell a real book


Get 100,000 views in a month

Get 200,000 views in a month

Get 500,000 views in a month

Get 1,000,000 views in a month

Make money off of (6/28/2014)

Make 100 dollars in a month through mostlymorgan (July 2014)

Make 1000 dollars in a month through blogging (May 2015)

Make 2000 dollars in a month through blogging