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Hey pals! If I’ve recommended something to you or you just want to know where else you can find me, this is the page you’re looking for!

Participate in my sibling name research!

I am setting out to discover what the most common baby names are based on what names their older siblings have already been given. If you have 2+ kids and want to participate, you can do so here!

My findings will be live and available for everyone at and updated regularly asap. I’ve outsourced the creation of this page as it was beyond my skill set so hopefully by the end of February!

Boy Names Outside the top 1000

May Consultations Opening May 6th!

I got a last minute burst of end-of-the-month consultation requests to finish up the first few days of May, and then I’ll reopen when I’m all caught up!

Please keep an eye on your spam folders! If you pay via Venmo, I’ll be doing a lot of communication via comments on venmo because my emails are going straight to spam. There is a 99% chance that your invoice and finished consultation will both end up in spam so please keep an eye!

And as always, if you aren’t looking for a full consultation, rather just some more broad opinions or thoughts please feel free to ask in the comments!

These comment reply videos obviously won’t be as thorough as a consultation, but I don’t want to leave you hanging! They can serve as a good first step to start your naming journey or help you if you’re feeling stuck. Feel free to leave more than one comment – I’ve quickly learned that there’s no way I can see every single comment, much less make a video reply to them (I so so wish I could!) but I’ll never ever get annoyed by you asking more than once, and I so appreciate having a higher chance of seeing yours!

Girl Names with Side-by-Side Vowels

Boy Names with Side-By-Side Vowels

Former clients: Have you chosen a name?!

If you have, I’d love to hear it! I’m always so excited to see the updates in my comments, but I’m sure I miss more than I see. If you’re comfortable in sharing, I’d love to know the name! If your comfortable, it would also be fun to share an update video but I am good at keeping secrets, too! 😼

How I became a name consultant

Spoiler alert: it was largely on accident and came to be after a lifelong obsession with baby names. But you can read the entire story here.

My Most Recent YouTube Video – Girl Names Used Less than 50 Times in 2021

Jumbo Dog Ball: IG Reel

Here’s a link to the jumbo dog ball my St. Bernard loves to play with! We also got her a cover for the ball to help it last longer, but my friend’s dog is a herding breed (and less of a jumper) and he hasn’t popped his cover-less ball yet. You know your dog best, and I know mine would destroy an uncovered ball in a heart beat!

Get 10% Off Solly Baby!

Solly Baby is a woman owned business that creates baby wraps, jammies, bed sheets, and swaddles that are as beautiful as they are buttery soft. Solly baby #gifted me a wrap for my sister in law’s baby shower and is allowing me to offer you 10% of your Solly Baby purchase by using this link. Here’s a video on great gifts for baby showers ft. Solly Baby.

@hellomorgantimm Can you tell gift giving is a strong love language for me 😅 Also, get 10% off a solly wrap using the link in my bio 💛 #gifted #sollybaby #sollywrap #babyshowerideas #parentsoftiktok #babynameconsultant ♬ original sound – Morgan | Baby Name Consultant

Follow me on Medium

I will be sharing written versions of my TikTok videos on By following me and engaging with my content you’ll be helping support my ability to continue to create! TikTok pays their creators an incredibly low rate (videos with 100k+ views are lucky to make a few dollars) and by diversifying where I publish I can help pay myself for the time I put into my videos. Follow along here!

Amazon Finds I used for my Wedding

Buy me a coffee (or yearbook!)

If you’re here from TikTok and would like to support my vintage yearbook videos, I signed up for buy me a coffee. Each yearbook I buy to share typically costs anywhere from $5.00-$25.00 depending on how old it is and the condition – please don’t feel obligated to do this in the slightest – people keep asking for my venmo and for some reason that feels a little icky. I don’t know why this feels any better, but here we are.

What To Expect at Therapy Video

Wedding Decor Thrift Haul

Affordable Kitchen Organization

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