Get a workout with Just Dance 2015

With the winter coming, it is so much harder to get motivated to get up and get moving. Despite knowing how important staying active is, I would much rather stay in and hang out in the comfort of my own room. Luckily I recently got the opportunity to test out the ultimate compromise: Just Dance 2015. It’s a videogame that gets you up off the couch and dancing along to popular songs, new and old. I was super excited to try it out and even more excited to hear the tracklist! The songs were super fun and upbeat and relevant today, my favorites were:

  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  • Bang Bang – Jessie J
  • Let it Go – Frozen
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams

But that’s just me! There are over 40 songs so there are plenty  to choose from. There are popular songs from today, but also throwbacks like ‘Walk this Way.’  I am really impressed with the playlist! All of the songs I tried were great, and my friends seemed to enjoy them, too! I’ve played a few versions of Just Dance in the past, but I am really loving the updated choreography on Just Dance 2015 – it’s fun and silly, but it’s actually fast enough that you are still burning calories! In fact, I was actually shocked just how good of a workout this game was. I didn’t quit playing because I was bored or not having fun – I quit because I was exhausted! I am so eager to replace my runs out in the cold this winter for the far more exciting option of playing a fun game with friends!

Check out the awesome playlist Just Dance 2015 has to offer, plus some fun pictures!

Something else that really impressed me is that in order to bring awareness to National Bullying Prevention Month, Just Dance has partnered up with Stomp Out Bullying in order to show people everywhere that ‘it’s okay to dance to your own beat!’ If you want to support Just Dance and their partnership with Stomp Out Bullying, or just want to play a super fun game all while getting a workout, you can buy Just Dance 2015 here!

If you are like me and living in a tiny dorm, then make sure you don’t try to crowd the dance floor too much! While the game allows you to play with multiple people at at a time, I think it’s more fun (and safer!) to sit back and watch your friends get silly, trying to follow the dancers on screen while patiently waiting your turn.




I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.