June is Travel Month at Mostly Morgan!

Any long–time readers know that Mostly Morgan has gone through a glow up or two in the past three and a half years, and has transformed to fit my life. My goal has always been to stay true to my experiences while still creating content that you enjoy and ask for.

When I asked if you were interested in travel I got a resounding yes and took that to heart. I myself have been bit by the travel bug and have wanted to incorporate that here in a big way, and so I’ve got an exciting announcement:

June is travel month!

Here at Mostly Morgan I’ll be publishing a new travel–related post every Sunday and Wednesday in the month of June. After that, I’ve got a string of exciting trips planned, so I’ll be sharing an inside look at those, too.

Travel itinerary:

  • July: New York City (for work and a blogging conference)
  • August: Seattle and Spokane (for Chris and I’s 5 year anniversary and to visit an old high school friend)
  • September: Buenos Aires (my dad is V cool and won a trip and gets to bring an adventure bud.)

I’ve got smaller road–trip type adventures planned for the in betweens, but those are the three big trips I’ve got planned so far. If you’ve been or live there and have any advice or recommendations, let me know in the comments!

What do you want to see?

I’ve got about half of my June travel posts written or outlined, but I wanted to open the floor to you, too. What type of travel posts do you want to see? Let me know and I can add it to my queue! Also, let me know your summer travel plans!

new york city

Taken by Cassidy Hopkins in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The dress is from Target, get 30% off all dresses June 9th and 10th here!