June Traffic & Income Report.

I am back with another Income Report! These posts are really fun for me to write because I am able to share my best advice with you, all while analyzing my revenue and traffic streams from the previous months so I can start coming up with a plan of attack for the month ahead!

Why do I do an income report?

I know it might come off as a bit strange to do income reports to people outside of the blogging worldd, but let me tell you why I like to do them:

  1. Transparency – there are a lot of ways to make money as a blogger – some honest, some not so much. I want to be completely transparent with you all to show you all exactly where I am making my money from and to assure you that I’m not pulling any funny business!
  2.  Growth Tracking – I have been publishing these since October, when I made $343 (though I made my first $40 in June!) and I’ve had so much fun keeping up with them every month. It’s definitely interesting to see how things are changing and where my income is really coming from.
  3. They are fun – when I first started realizing that you could monetize a blog, I was constantly checking out other bloggers’ reports and getting inspired. If you’re not a blogger these posts might not be your cup of tea, but blogger to blogger – I want to help open your eyes to the potential that your little slice of the internet has! My blog has grown quite a bit since I’ve started – but even if you aren’t getting massive traffic you can still make money!


What I did this month.

June was a good month – I am home from school and was able to devote my nights to blogging. The number one thing that I focused on was SEO. After my Instagram post reached the number one position on Google I saw the benefits of putting as much ‘Google Juice’ into all of my posts as possible. That means I went back into old posts, injected keywords, and made sure that they all had the green light on my SEO plug-in.

The thing about SEO is that it doesn’t have an immediate impact, instead it takes some time to gain traction, but towards the end of the month I noticed more and more traffic coming from Google.

June Income

Host Gator (from this post, where I show YOU how to make a blog!) – $100
BlogHer Ads -$257.32
BlogHer Sponsored Post -$250
YouTube – $6.57
Izea – $166.67
Tap Influence – $150
Clevergirls – $150
Millennial Bloggers – $50
Her Campus – $350
ShopSense – $4.80
Amazon Affiliates – $12.03

Total – $1397.39

June Expenses

Hosting – $6.83
Blogging Course  – $40
Facebook Ad – $15

Total Expenses: $61.83

Total Income: $1355.56

I beat my old record by $200 which is so exciting! Like I said last month, I want to consistently be making $1000 a month by the time I go back to school so I can take care of living expenses and have a few dollars in my pocket for froyo and rock climbing. I am fairly confident I can keep it up, which is a huge weight off of my shoulders! My next goal is to start making $1500 a month, and use that extra income to hire someone to do a custom design for the blog.

As always, I calculated how many hours I would have to work at a minimum wage job in order to make what I did blogging this month, and it came to a little over 164 hours, or 41 hours a weeks!

June Traffic:


In June I received over 100,000 more page views that I did in May, and growth is always super exciting! Like I said, I really focused on SEO and slowly bug surely that was made apparent by Google Referrals. As far as college posts goes, a lot of mine are on the bottom of the first page or somewhere on the second on Google, but I’m really working at getting them all to that number one slot. There aren’t many college bloggers, so I’m lucky that it hasn’t been that difficult to see growth.

Because I post these reports so late in the month, I can already say that my July Traffic is even higher and that has everything to do with my focus on SEO – it’s so important!

Can you make money blogging?

Yes! If you are interested in making a profitable blog – I would be more than happy to help! I have an incredibly detailed guide to setting up a blog here, and from there you can check out my blogging tips (there are a lot!) and if you need any further help – email me! I absolutely love talking about blogging (my friends and family are sick of hearing about it!) so do not hesitate.