Instagram Lately: End of summer adventures.

So if you didn’t already know this – for me the place to be is Instagram. If I’m being honest, it’s the only social media that I actually enjoy being on. Updating Facebook is a chore ever since they changed their algorithms, and aside from the occasional party, there isn’t much to see on Twitter.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a whole ‘nother story. I love how it’s a visual platform, and I can mindlessly scroll until I see something beautiful. And recently I started unfollowing accounts that post low quality pictures so now when I scroll through my feed I am only seeing creative, inspiring, and stunning photos that leave me feeling happy.

I’ve been trying to curate and theme my feed so each picture I share is just as beautiful as the ones I enjoy looking at so much, and I’ve even tried my hand at microblogging on Instagram. Blogging takes up so much more time than posting a quick picture on Insta does, so I feel like my followers there are kept in the loop a lot more than the lovely folk who only follow me here on my blog. (And if you are one of those lovely folk, you might want to follow me, yeah?

But I thought it’d be fun to periodically show you guys what’s happening in my life through Instagram!

Beach hair, don’t care. ????

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I might never come home… A photo posted by Morgan Timm | Mostly Morgan (@morgantimm) on

Ok so for the most exciting news….I went to visit my best friend in Texas! Jennifer and I have been friends for over eight years now, but she went and broke my heart by going to school all the way in Texas. No matter though, because I face my fears and flew down there (all by myself!) and we had such a good time! We ate great food, drove down to Galveston, and of course spent a ton of time catching up!

One more because Priscilla is amazing ??? #collegeblogger #lifestyleblogger #thatsdarling #millennialblogger

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Earlier in the summer I had a super fun photoshoot and I finally got the pictures back from it and I couldn’t be happier with them! I think they turned out wonderful, if I do say so myself!

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There aren’t words to describe how sad I am to be leaving this amazing, eclectic city that welcomed me so warmly the past few days. I had the best time catching up with my beautiful cousin (and hostess with the mostest!) @christyjoehl. On top of that I had the opportunity to meet a few blogging soul sisters who shared my enthusiasm over things like Instagram themes, SEO, and all of the other things my non-blogging friends get so sick of hearing me gab on about. (And I met my biggest girl boss crush, @hilaryrushford!) I’m headed home to the Midwest in just a few hours, but I am leaving a piece of me here. I know I’ve got more adventures in store for me and I can only hope that those adventures take me back to the city very soon! A photo posted by Morgan Timm | Mostly Morgan (@morgantimm) on

I had the best weekend catching up with this beautiful girl, making new friends, and exploring an incredible city. Take me back!!

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After getting a taste of solo travel when I visited Jennifer, I took the plunge and bought tickets for a long weekend in New York City! I stayed with my cousin, met a ton of lovely bloggers, got mugged in Central Park, and navigated the subway all by myself!

Over the weekend I was able to go out on the river (my favorite!) with my dad, aunt, uncle, and a handful of cousins! Whenever my family gets together it’s an absolute blast, and Saturday was no exception!

Finally I got to do a blog shoot with one of my favorite people ever, Michael! (Please go like his facebook page, he’s fab.)

What’s the latest greatest from your insta-feed?