Instagram Lately: St Louis Fashion Week

It’s been a while since I last did an ‘Instagram Lately’ post, and I just had one of the best weekends of my life so I thought it would be fun to do a super quick post on my trip to St Louis for St Louis Fashion Week while I wait for pictures to do my official post.

I was in St Louis from last Wednesday up until yesterday, and I really had the time of my life. I was there with a group of VIP bloggers invited from out of town as press, and I was able to go to some truly amazing events! I had never been to St Louis before, so it was really a treat being able to explore the city – there was so much to see!

I’ll be honest and say that I was really nervous leading up to the trip. I was the youngest one going and the other bloggers all seemed so much cooler than me. I was stressed that I wouldn’t make friends, that I wouldn’t fit in, and I was even stressing over whether or not the full schedule was going to stress me out. (Spoiler: I had nothing to worry about.) To calm myself down on the train ride into the city I copied the agenda over into my planner, and decorated with some fun stickers.

One of my favorite days of the trip’s first big event was shopping at The Vault. Before we went to the high end resale shop, all of us out of town bloggers piled into a party bus and made a pit stop at City Park to take pictures. Walking into The Vault we were met with this really cute set up, and the friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered! The store was full of really gorgeous higher end pieces at fantastic prices! I picked up a Kate Spade purse and a really great ring for under $100!

Remember how I said this day was my favorite? Well it may or may not have had to do with the incredible food. Our next stop was Katie’s Pizza and Pastaria and the quality of the food blew me away. I ate more than I thought possible in one sitting because the food was just so good. We started with a round of appetizers that included bruschetta, fresh tomatoes, bread sticks, and more. As if that wasn’t enough to make up an entire meal, we were later served some of the most amazing pizza I’ve ever had and an array of pasta dishes. If you’re ever in St Louis Katie’s Pizza has to be on your agenda!

The final stop of the night was an amazing dinner hosted by Joya at Element Restaurant and Lounge. The food was to die for, and was served in a small plate style where they would bring out plates of food for the table to share, rather than everyone getting their own. The ladies of Joya were absolutely amazing, and I am so happy to have been able to meet them. They are a subscription service that helps support amazing causes and women around the world.

The next morning we started our day off with the lovely ladies of Naturalizer, and they were kind enough to gift each of us bloggers a pair of shoes (I’m wearing mine in the picture!) From there we went to Lulu’s Seafood to have an amazing Dim Sum brunch. I had never experienced a Dim Sum meal and I am so grateful for the experience – it really was amazing! There was so much good food, and we were sitting in a big circle and I had a blast getting to better know the ladies (and one gent’) at my table!

In the evening we went to Fauxgerty, a really cool animal friendly shop. They had amazing vegan leather jackets in a fun array of hues – I fell in love with a bright red one! In addition to the cute pieces they sold, the shop itself was great with cool light fixtures, amazing displays, and a few of these little succulents that made my crazy plant lady heart happy.

On the final morning we got to sleep in a bit, and after a late breakfast with the girls we went to an amazing area full of great architecture and bright colors! We all posed in front of this vibrant blue door before making our way up to a pop-up shop hosted by Living Collective. I bought a really gorgeous and unique striped top (that I’ve already worn twice since I bought it 2 days ago) that I will be sharing on my Instagram very soon!

From Living Collective we car pooled to an insane shop called Skif that was full of amazing one of a kind pieces! The shop itself is a work of art with eye catching murals and incredible displays. I was able to talk to the man who painted this mural, and it was so fun hearing about his passion for art.

Remember when I said I was afraid of how the other girls would see me? Well any fear I had was dissolved within ten minutes of meeting them. These ladies truly are some of the best people I’ve been introduced to through blogging – there were some big personalities and kind hearts that I’m so lucky to have met and I am so excited to cross paths which each and every one of them in the future.

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Explore St. Louis and STLFW, but all comments are my own.