Inexpensive Date Ideas!

My boyfriend and I definitely are not the dress up and go out to dinner type when it comes to dates. We do get dolled up on special occasions, but more often than not we prefer fun, silly dates we can do at home without spending a lot of money! While watching movies and gorging ourselves on junk food is definitely a classic – sometimes we want to mix it up!

I am going to share a few dates that we’ve had – and a few that are still on my bucket list to hopefully get you inspired!


Get artsy.

Last night Chris and I’s painting session turned into a competition to see who could paint the better picture of the other – and no peeking! I am super competitive so this is great for me (as far as accuracy goes – my roommate judged I lost.) Dates like this are super fun because now we have fun little keepsakes!

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Channel Mia Thermopolis

Keeping on trend with the painting – I have this one inspired by the lovely Mia Thermopolis and her mom.You guys might remember this one from this summer – it was so much fun! The set up takes a ton of work – like hours – but it’s totally worth it. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm you can do this now – but for those of you suffering in a freezing environment you may want to wait until it warms up.

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Run a Race.

If you read that and automatically groaned – then you may want to move on. But if not I highly recommend this! Chris and I have done a hot chocolate run two years in a row and it is really fun! It’s great running together because we can push each other, but if one of us gets tired we don’t have to walk alone, either!

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So I don’t know if you guys know this about me – but I love to bake. I want to open a bakery after I retire in the far away future. And as much as I love baking it’s 10x better with Chris. It’s fun and silly and he doesn’t judge when I eat half of the batter. And even if we royally screw up – it’s still awesome.

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Over 2 years ago we had our first baking catastrophe as a result of a maneuver we like to call the ER flip. (Sorry for photo quality!)

Play in the Snow.

I love to play and just be a kid again. It is fun and fantastic and it makes me so unbelievably happy. The winter during our senior year in high school we went sledding several times and it was a blast!

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Get inked.

Maybe not for real. But this summer Chris and I got temporary dinosaur tattoos that were super cool. This isn’t necessarily a whole date – but I just thought it was silly and fun and deserved an honorable mention! (Again, sorry for picture quality!)

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Those are some of my favorite memories, but a few more ideas that I highly recommend are:

  • Binge watching a TV show – Chris and I are doing House now!
  • Make dinner together. If you’re a good cook, teach your guy. And if he is – then you’re a lucky duck! (Although Chris is definitely learning, and I am quite proud!)
  • Go on walks – walking and talking are the best! Sometimes when you spend a ton of time with someone it’s easy to get caught up and talk about what you’re doing but not what’s going on in your life.
  • Try new restaurants. Be spontaneous and try something new! If it’s good that’s awesome, and if it’s bad now you know!
  • Teach each other your hobbies! Chris has taught me how to play Destiny, and I taught him how to crochet!
  • Roadtrip! Gas is expensive, but if you live at least somewhat close to an awesome town, go an explore!
  • Play a board game! Chris and I love Game of Life: Twist and Turns (is that still a thing? If so go get it!)

What do you like to do for cheap dates?