How to stay productive as a creative on the go.

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You guys, I have an insane month planned. I’ll be flying to New York next week and spending my time bouncing between airbnb’s while I apartment hunt. There is going to be a ton of adventure, new experience, and instability.

The one thing that will be a constant, though, is my need to keep on top of my creative projects and blogs. Given that I’ll be moving around (and keeping busy at a new internship!) I am prepared to be doing a lot on the go and under unique circumstances and thought I’d share my plan of attack with you all!


Staying Productive as a Creative on the Go.

Find the wifi.

Today’s creative entrepreneurs (and people in general!) tend to be reliant on computers – so when you’re on the go (or know you’ll be without wifi!) it’s important to scope out wifi cafes or hotspots. If you’re in a big city like I’ll be, it’s a bit easier but no matter where you are chances are you’ll have a Starbucks or McDonald’s near by which tend to be safe bets for wifi.

Make lists.

And a lot of them. I keep lists of what I need to get done, different deadlines, goals I have for several different timeframes, and long term projects I’m working on. Knowing that there is always something to be working on helps keep me motivated to actually get something done during my downtime rather than waste it scrolling through instagram.

Spark GadgetPocket 2 g

Keep it together.

I mean that literally: Having all of your notes, your ideas, and anything else that brilliant mind of yours comes up with all in one place is going to save you a lot of headaches in the future. I love physically putting my ideas on paper – but being able to wirelessly send everything I jot down to Evernote with my Wacom Bamboo Spark gives me peace of mind knowing that my ideas will never be lost.

Stay busy.

It is so easy to find yourself with 20 minutes of downtime between tasks or on your commute and completely waste it. I shudder thinking about how much time I’ve wasted by mindlessly scrolling through social media or taking quizzes to determine if I’m a Blair or a Serena (totally a Serena, by the way), but ever since I’ve started making a conscious effort to squeeze in work during those awkward in between times, I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to make it into bed a bit earlier.

Set a routine.

Ok, I know that routines are hard for creative minds – when you’re a passionate creator finding structure can be next to impossible – but it’s also necessary. Whether you’re going to start to respond to emails first thing each morning or read up on marketing tactics before bed – getting something accomplished at the same time every day can set wheels into motion for further accomplishments. Another thing to consider adding to your routine is a sleep schedule – going to bed and waking up at the same times everyday is a huge productivity booster!

Find other creatives.

Working with other creatives – whether it be through collaborations or simply bouncing ideas off each other for your own individual projects is a great way to stay motivated! Surrounding yourself with inspirational people (and people who will encourage you to get your booty into gear!) will make sure you never stop striving for progress.



Interested in the Wacom Bamboo Spark?

I mentioned how you can use the Bamboo Spark to keep organized – but it really is the perfect tablet for the creative entrepreneur . Wacom teamed up with me on this post so we could share some productivity boosting hacks with you – but I just need to sing my praise for this tablet a bit: They’ve recently updated their software with a handwriting to text feature – and it has been a game changer! Being able to write my ideas out and immediately have them available to me as editable text has helped take creativity and productivity to the next level. I’ll be writing soon about my creative and organizational process with Evernote – and this handwriting to text feature is among the most important aspects!