How to have a productive studying day.

So maybe I’m alone in this – but I often romanticize my plans for Sundays. I think to myself, “I’m going to wake up early, and work out, write a few blog posts to take that stress off of my week, and get ahead on my class readings.

Usually I just end up cooking, watching netflix, and singing along to Pandora for most of the day. At night I try and cram in everything that I had planned on doing, but my Sundays never go quite right.

But that is something I am working on – while I don’t need my Sundays to be the perfect days of well balanced productivity that I’d like them to be, I want to start getting a lot done. I wake up quite early just out of habit, so I’ve decided that I want to start spending my Sunday mornings intentionally working toward a goal. And because it is during the semester, my biggest goal is straight A’s so I am going to start devoting my Sunday mornings to that goal.

So, because I’ve never actually gone through with my productive Sunday before (this is going live Sunday – but I wrote it early in the week!), I just thought I would talk about how I plan on executing it this weekend but also make it exciting by bringing some ‘boom’ to the routine!

Get a good night’s sleep.

This one is never hard for me because I’m all about an early bedtime and sleeping as long as possible but if I plan on getting up early in order to make the most of my morning – this is extra important! I always sleep in ear plugs, because when you live with roommates you just never know! And on a similar note – if you’re not a morning person feel free to apply these tips and make it a productive studying evening or night, too!

Boom tip: Indulge with a super relaxing night time routine the night before your super focused study day! Go all out with relaxing candles, face masks, and whatever else will make you feel super relaxed!

Have a good breakfast.

If you’re going to be studying all morning – you want to start on a full, happy stomach! Lately I have been buying bananas in bulk and slicing up two or three bananas in the morning and drizzling them with honey and cinnamon. I’m not kidding when I say that it is actually the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever made myself (it’s cheap and easy, too!)

Boom tip: Ok, so you know those acai and smoothie bowls that are super popular on Pinterest? Starting the day with one of those is awesome because you’re eating healthy, being artsy, and you can post your pretty breakfast on Instagram.

Have a nice set up.

Personally, I get all of my work done at my desk but everybody has their own preference when it comes to their ideal work space. I prefer my desk to the library or a coffee shop because I need silence and a distraction free area.

To make sure I can be productive in my study space, I like to ensure a few things:

  • It’s tidy – I can’t work well if my desk is super cluttered!
  • It’s comfy – I always have a pillow on my desk chair and a blanket draped over the back so I’m comfy and warm!
  • It’s set up before I start – if I get cold or need a charger and don’t already have it on hand I am going to get distracted when I go to get whatever it is I’m lacking and I’ll waste time.

Boom tip: For greater productivity you should make sure the spot you choose is only associated with working. For me that’s my desk. I study, blog, and respond to emails while at my desk, and I play on the internet on my bed. When I’m sitting at my desk I’m in the zone!

Productivity is made a bit easier when you properly prepare! If you want to buckle down for a successful study day, these tips are a must read!

Prepare snacks.

I am all about snacking throughout the day and I typically always have snacks on hand, but having them on hand when I’m buckling down is super important so I don’t get distracted when I get hungry! My go to study snack lately has been BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn because it’s light enough that I can mindlessly munch on a ton of it without feeling ill and it’s just really tasty (the slightly sweet is the best!)

Boom tip: Ok, so this one isn’t actually a tip I just wanted to point out how cute the packaging is. Good packaging goes a long way in making me buy a product and the popcorn is just as tasty as the bag is cute!


Make a list.

If you’ve been around the blog before then you’re probably aware of my deep love for listing and planning and micromanaging. If I want to be productive, the first thing I need to do is make a list of exactly what I need done. For me, handwritten is always the way to go – but do you!

Boom tip: Add breaks to your list! If you’re like me and your breaks can last for an hour then make sure you either make them super specific (i.e. Read only one chapter of the book you’re reading for fun) or add a time limit (i.e. Play around on Instagram for ten minutes.) For me I like to add quite a few breaks so I am working towards something!

Now what are you waiting for? Get to work!

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