How to: Flirty eyelashes without falsies.

I’ve mentioned here how I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to doing my makeup – more often than not I stick to concealer and my eyebrows. But when I’m feeling the need to be extra fancy, I have a few go-to looks that I love to wear!

My favorite look of the moment, though, are bold lashes. Now that it’s summer the air is too sticky for me want to put any face makeup on, and bold lips require too much upkeep throughout the day for my tastes.

But when it comes to big, bold eyelashes – you have one step in the morning and you’re good for the rest of the day! My old method for achieving bold lashes involved sitting in front of the mirror and painstakingly apply individual lashes to my lash line. I loved the results but the process left much to be desired. Recently, though, I found a new mascara that looks just like better than false eye lashes!

Want to know how to get bold, beautiful eyelashes without using falsies or paying for extensions? Check out!


Let me be honest in saying that I was beyond skeptical before trying the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit. I use and love a ton of Physicians Formula products, but the idea of eyelash fibers was just a bit too out there for me.

And I was proved wrong.

The process to achieving huge, beautiful lashes is really simple. I just curl my eyelashes like normal, and then apply a coat of the lash boosting mascara followed by sweeping on the fibers. Then I seal the fibers in with another coat of mascara. Usually I will only go through this process once but if I’m looking for extra drama I will add a second – or even third – coat of fibers. The entire process takes only two minutes or so, and the results are always unbelievable.

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Last night Chris and I had a date night and so of course I went all out with my lashes – my mom thought I was wearing falsies and our server freaked over my eyelashes! I really didn’t expect to love this product as much as I do, and now it’s a holy grail item in my makeup kit!

Of course I love that it comes from Physicians Formula. Coming from somebody with sensitive skin, they are one of the only drugstore brands that I trust when it comes to makeup – they never add fragrance, PABA, or any of the 132 known skin irritants in ANY of their products, meaning I can use any of their products without suffering a nasty reaction as a result.

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The Physicians Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit is hands down my new favorite beauty product! What beauty products have you been loving for the summer? Do you think you’ll try the extension kit? (You totally should!)

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