Healthy Hair Hacks – Caring for Dry Hair.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty. All opinions are 100% mine.

Not too long ago I had hair to my waist and I was obsessive about keeping it healthy. Fourteen inches later my hair is a lot less prone to damage, but I’m still very picky about the products I use to take care of it. I’ve logged hours researching hair care on YouTube, forums, and other blogs. I’m not a professional, but I’d consider my knowledge to be pretty darn close. While I am selective about what I put on my hair I’m also on a budget, so my go to has been Sally Beauty. Sally hair dared me to get my healthiest hair, and I’m doing the same to you! Whether you’re growing your hair out long, or just trying to keep it healthy – here are a few of my best tips!


For a long time my chosen method when it came to shampoo shopping was to find the cheapest possible option. Yes, saving money is good. But at the expense of your hair? Not so much. Now my main prerogative is finding something that will put moisture into my hair instead of stripping it dry. I love the Mystic Divine Coconut Complex Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Set. The duo gently cleanses while adding a ton of lightweight shine and moisture to my hair! Both products are available at Sally Beauty along with a million other products that just might take you to hair care heaven! IMG_9302 Check out the Mystic Divine Coconut Complex Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Treatment Crème here!


Your hair gets so damaged from the general wear and tear of the day. Wind, rubbing on clothes, getting caught in doors, and everything in between wreaks havoc on your locks. The best protective hairstyle is a braid down your back, but loose buns (that don’t pull!) are also great! IMG_9410


Just like the environment is rough on your hair – chances are that you are, too! Things like brushing wet hair, tearing through knots, or even sleeping on flannel sheets can cause a good deal of damage. Personally my biggest offense has been teasing my hair trying to get volume to my baby fine hair! Recently I started using  the Zotos Professional 180PRO TEASEless Volumizing Powder Shake and it’s blowing my mind. I’ve never been able to achieve ‘big hair’ before – no matter how much back combing I put my hair through or hairspray I used. Now with this one product I can achieve awesome volume damage free! You can find it at Sally Beauty, too!


OK, I know I keep going on about all of the different ways that we damage our hair. Showering can be a big one! If you’re not being gentle or tearing through your hair with a comb you may be in trouble! To offset any damage I use the Mystic Divine Coconut Complex Hydrating Masque once or twice a week. Like all of the Coconut Complex products it smells amazing and it leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft. Also, after you shower be sure you’re not rubbing and tugging on your hair with a towel! Gently squeezing the moisture out of your hair is a far superior option! IMG_9308


OK, this one is controversial. But if you’re trying to grow your hair out then chances are someone has told you that you need to get a trim every 6 weeks to make your hair grow faster. I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong! Your hair doesn’t grow faster just because you cut it, and if your ends aren’t damaged you have no reason to! If you have split ends by all means cut them off (they’ll just continue to split higher and higher!) but if not, you’re only losing length. In the meantime, whenever it’s time for a haircut and my ends are looking rough, finishing cremes can help disguise the damage while you wait to get a salon appointment. You may have already guessed that I’m crazy about the Mystic Divine Coconut Complex Hydrating Treatment Creme – it leaves such a great scent in my hair! IMG_9370


This tip is easier for some people; but cutting down on your heat use even by a little can go a long way! When my hair was long I’d only use heat a few times a year, now it’s just a few times a month. If you do need to use heat, be sure that you are using a product to protect your hair from the heat and giving your hair some TLC in the form of masks and leave in conditioners afterwards! Bonus points if you’re able to rock second day hair, too!


If you’re used to not paying much mind to your hair and you decide to implement just a few of these changes you’ll see big results quickly! Did I miss something? I’d love to hear all about your hair care tips in the comments!

Ready to take the Sally Hair Dare yourself? Dump your drugstore products and get your best hair ever at Sally Beauty. Products are backed by a  Love It or Return It money-back guarantee so feel free to be brave in taking your Sally Hair Dare!

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