Holiday Gift Guide for Her.

So, I know that the blogosphere is already way overloaded with holiday gift guides, but…I couldn’t resist. I’m queen of not knowing what I want for Christmas but I love shopping for other people. So in order to make my need to fawn over pretty things on the internet useful, I thought, “why not share the things I love, to help inspire YOU!” So this is my first holiday gift guide, but expect two or three more before the holidays officially arrive!

Check out for a gift guide full of pretty things!

1.) Rhinestone Medallion Studs $3.90

I absolutely love Forever 21 for jewelry. They have such a wide variety for so cheap – these were my favorite earrings, but they have so many more along with rings, necklaces, and bracelets. If you want to gift cute, affordable accessories I highly recommend looking at Forever 21.

2.) OPI Color of Purple Set $9.95

Never in my life have I finished an entire bottle of nail polish, which is why I love little sampler sets. You can get three colors for the price of one AND you might actually have the satisfaction of finishing a nail polish bottle.

3.) Hibiscus Blueberry Tea $10.25

I am a huge tea drinker, especially in the winter. If you are giving a gift to someone in your life who loves tea, consider getting them a fancy tin of tea like they sell at Republic of Tea. They are a bit more expensive, but they are also super nice and the tea drinker in your life will be sure to appreciate it!

4.) Twisted Peppermint Candle $12.50

Candles are a classic for the winter. The room feels so much cozier when a candle is flickering nearby! I love the bath and body works ones, and I feel like everytime I am in there they are having another sale – so keep your eye out! Also, the twisted peppermint smells amazing!

5.) 3-Pack Notebooks $12.95

There is something so nice about having fancy journals. I love jotting my thoughts down and my journals seem to have themes – one for my worries, one for good news, one for the strange things that happen. That’s why I love this 3-pack!

6.) Fuzzy Sock 3-Pack $14.99

Fuzzy socks are the silver lining of winter. Yeah it’s -15 degrees out but at least you can wear your fuzzy socks and drink a warm beverage. My collection of fuzzy socks is a little bit out of control, but that’s only because I believe that you can never have too many.

7.) Terrarium Kit $24.00

Taking care of something and watching it thrive is so rewarding. I’ve been taking care of plants in my room my entire college career and on those super stressful days deadheading, watering, and the works are one of the only things that brings me peace. Give this gift to the overstressed undergrad in your life!

8.) Chunky Knit Loop Scarf $29.95

Chunky knits are the best. Fighting the frigid weather is a challenge, but this scarf is here to help! If you’re extra crafty, you could even try your hand at making one like this!

9.) Pearls of Love Necklace $36.00

Dogeared jewelry is really nice, I love the sweet meanings behind each piece! They have pieces for mothers, daughters, best friends, and more! I definitely recommend checking this brand out!

What is on your wishlist for Christmas this year? I want to hear about it below!