How to get Perfect Instagram Pictures.

Alright, ladies and gents! This is my second to last post in the Instagram series that I’ve been running for the past six months or so. While I’m no expert by any means, I’ve grown my following by about 2000 in the past two months, where it took me nearly a year and a half to get to my first one thousand.
I’m growing faster now than ever before, gaining about 10 to 20 followers a day on average (some days I’m exceeding 30!) and I have a system in place helping me grow (in only ten minutes a day!). That strategy will be up next week, concluding my Instagram series, but today I’m talking about getting the perfect shot and editing my instagram pictures.
THE (7)
The Picture.
Getting the perfect picture is a feat in itself, especially considering that most of my Instagram pictures are taken on my Galaxy S4 as opposed to my DSLR.
A few things that help make my cellphone pictures “Instagram-worthy” are:
  • Good lighting. If the lighting isn’t good, you’re really out of luck because there is only so much that an editing program can do. Indirect sunlight is your best bet, but you can even work with good indoor lighting. The better the lighting, the less work that you have to do in editing!
  • Composition. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a photo-pro by any means but just learning a few tips about staging, and basic rules like the rule of thirds and the use of negative space can really help up your photography game!
  • Variety. So I never will take just one picture, if you look at my gallery I will have like fifteen pictures of the same thing at slightly different angles.


All of my Instagram pictures are edited on VSCO cam and also snapseed if it needs a bit of an extra oomph. I actually get a lot of comments on my Instagram asking me how I edit my Instagram pictures and it’s pretty tricky to type everything out because it’s a pretty in depth system. I actually ended up making an entire video showing how I edit my Instagram pictures to make explaining a little bit easier!

I actually have quite a few Instagram Posts, but the most relevant and related is How to Theme your Instagram because I go really in depth there explaining how you can consistently edit your pictures to make a beautiful feed!