From Beach to Night.

So here we have it: the last summer themed post of the season. After this I’ll be hitting back to school hard, and then transitioning into fall. I’ve written a lot about the beach lately (lets just blame that on my wanderlust) and I thought I would share with you a fun beach-to-night ootd.

If you’re following me over on Instagram (shameless plug!) you’d know that I’m low key obsessed with Boohoo clothing. Like everything they make is actually perfect and my shopping cart is always full. They have super diverse pieces and they are super fashionable, too! There is definitely something for everyone.

I picked out the perfect outfit to share with you that can be easily thrown over your favorite swimsuit at the end of the day and worn to dinner.


I love rompers because they are super chic, but actually feel like pajamas. And I love Boohoo rompers because they are actually long enough to accommodate my torso. All you tall girls out there understand the struggle to find a romper that fits, and Boohoo absolutely nails it! This one is amazing and has awesome detailing in the back!

And can we talk about this kimono? I love super long kimonos and they are perfect for transitioning to night to day – and even summer pieces to fall. They definitely give off an effortless vibe and I am crazy about the colors in mine.

In addition to the outfit, if you’re planning on going out after a beach day you’re going to want to keep a few key pieces with you, too! Make sure to bring face wipes to clean off with, deodorant and a body spray, and any cosmetics you might want to wear, too! If you’re hair is a sandy, salty mess a hair tie could definitely come in handy!

While I am sad to see summer go, I love that time in between summer and fall when the leaves are changing but it’s still warm. What is your favorite time of the year?