How to Find Peace in Your Busy Life.

Life has been moving really fast lately – I feel like I’m constantly moving a million miles a minute and I really haven’t been able to take time to slow down. I keep telling myself I need to start breathing and taking time for myself – and then I dream up another big project.

While I’m all about dreaming and doing, there is something to be said for knowing when enough is enough and taking a break. I’ve been making a lot of changes lately and one more change I want to make is spending more time doing things I love and relaxing. 

I teamed up with my friends at Zappos to bring you all different ways that you can unwind and have fun doing whatever it is that makes you happy!

Enjoy the sunshine.

Spring is (finally!) coming at us full force and we can shed our winter layers and enjoy the sunshine, however sparse it may be. Whether you’re ready to go out and get active or just looking to sit out and enjoy the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D.


Create something.

When we reach a certain age – our creativity begins to be stifled. Instead of short stories we are writing essays and instead of imagining we are memorizing. I love to paint with water colors and create abstract depictions of what’s going on in my mind. The pieces I come up with will never be hung up in a museum, or even the fridge; but they let me express myself and they are fun to make. Not into painting? Well here are some ideas for you:

  • Adult coloring books – these have become so popular and I’m definitely a fan! They allow you to play around with color while providing enough structure that you’re sure to come up with something you love!
  • Photography – I used to be terrible at photography. But just playing around with the camera for a few months taught me a lot about composition and even shooting on manual.
  • Dancing – You don’t have to create something permanent to be creative. I’m not much of a dancer, but I have friends who are and I am always amazed with what they are capable of!

Spend time with your loved ones.

When you get caught up with the hustle and bustle of life it’s so easy to shut yourself off and focus on what you need to get done rather than what you should be doing for yourself. There is nothing that can calm a crazy mind quite like being surrounded by your friends and family.


My momma and I are rocking our almost matching Keds from Zappos! My mom is wearing Keds Champion Seasonal Solids in Mandarin and I have the Keds Champion-Canvas CVO in Ribbon Red!

Do something you love.

Adult life often means prioritizing what you have to do over what you’d like to do. Think about what you used to do with your free time before you had a job or bills to pay – now make time to do it. Can’t think of anything? Do something you’d love to do but haven’t tried yet.

Basically just do something for no other reason than wanting to.

Treat yo’self!

Whether you’re in the mood for a spa day or a shopping spree, treat yo’self because you deserve it! If you are in the shopping mood – take the change in seasons as an excuse to update your spring footwear with Zappos! They are your best bet because they have super quick shipping (I got my Keds in two days, y’all!) and a 365 day return policy, so you can shop your heart out without worrying about whether or not the shoe will fit. If it doesn’t fit – send it back!


Whatever it is you do for yourself – do it big! You deserve all of the pampering and TLC you can get. Taking a step back from the chaos and letting yourself feel peace is the least you can do for yourself, you deserve it!

Thank you Zappos for providing me Keds for this post! You're the best!