Filene’s Basement & Online Shopping!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Filene’s Basement. All opinions are 100% mine.

Shopping online is kind of my jam – I love how it’s easy to find what I want in minutes with just a few clicks rather than having to go to three different stores over the span of an hour to find something that is sort of what I was looking for. But my other jam is discount stores – I’m all about saving money and shopping sales – something that is harder to do online. In store it seems like I can always find my size on the sale racks – but online it’s a whole other story!

And that is why I am so happy that these two passions of mine are about to collide – Filene’s Basement is opening up an online storefront this fall and I’m already budgeting for the shopping spree that I know I’ll be going on during their grand opening.


Basically Filene’s Basement is going to be a curate online market place customized to personal taste. The site is going to boast discounted branded apparel, accessories, and home goods (aka some of my favorite things!)

If the name Filene’s Basement sounds familiar to you, that’s because they were quite popular for their brick and mortar store fronts up until the companies closing in 2011. So if you were an old fan and heartbroken to see them close (as so many were!) I’m here delivering the news that they’re back with vengeance!

I’ve talked about online shopping in the past – but I wanted to share some new (and improved!) online shopping tips with you all to help you prepare for their opening with me, and avoid any common online shopping mishaps!

  • Check the sizing charts! As a tall girl this is an absolute must when buying pants, or dresses, or skirts. In store you have the advantage of being able to try clothes on – but so long as you are savvy and you remember to check the sizes before purchasing – you should be safe! Even better is when sites tells you the model’s measurements! You can compare her fit to how it would fit you!
  • Always google for coupon codes – nine times out of ten you will find one. Even if it’s just free shipping or 10% off you’re saving money!
  • Familiarize yourself with return fees! Some stores will only require you pay shipping, others are going to have a restocking fee. Before you check out make sure that the price to return the item is worth it for you if it doesn’t work out!

Chime in! What is your favorite way to shop? In stores or online?

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