February Income Report

It’s that time again! I have gotten a handful of emails asking when I’d get my income report up (sorry for my tardiness, things have been crazy!) but it’s finally time to publish my February income report!

I feel like I say this every month (and I probably do) but February was crazy, like really crazy. I found out I was moving to New York at the same time I was launching a course, I found an apartment – didn’t get it, found another apartment – didn’t get it, and am prepping to move to NYC to live in airbnb’s until I can get my apartment act together. Basically what I’m trying to say is that my poor blogs were grossly neglected while I tried to juggle the planning that comes along with moving across the country.

March is a month of getting my act back together (to keep from losing my mind!) and setting the groundwork for a seamless next quarter. Now that I’ll be living in the city I am excited to be able to chase bigger opportunities and rub shoulders with some amazing minds!


What I did in February…

Cried. (Totally kidding, haha!) but I wasn’t too far off some days. Most of my blogging efforts went into growing MT as I’m hoping to start working on some exciting projects there this summer! Eventually I’ll start doing income reports over there, too, but now I’m only making a few hundred a month.

On Mostly Morgan I wrote this long form evergreen post and it has already ranked on Google and performed well on Pinterest which brought me a welcome boost in traffic. Due to the unexpected stress in February I had a high concentration of sponsored posts without much padding between – I am making a vow to you and to myself that I won’t let that happen again.

I began working on an arsenal of posts I can have saved up in case I get another month like this and I think that is going to save me a ton in the long run.

The final thing I did was start fishing for guest posts. I would love to start taking on contributors a few times a month, if you’re interested let me know and we can start chatting!

February Income Report

Hostgator – $675
Slickdeals Contribution: $600
Izea – $550
TapInfluence – $400
YouTube – $5.00
Amazon – $.43 (every cent counts, right?)
Total: $2230.43

February Expenses

The Blog Hive – $166.67 (I’m dividing the cost of this (amazing!) course by the 3 months it spans)
LeadPages – $16.67
Adobe Lightroom – $10.61
Hosting – $6.83
Total: $200.78

Grand total: $2029.65

As usual I did the math to find out I would have had to work 246 hours at the average minimum wage job to make as much as I did on my blog in February. I love calculating this every month because I am constantly dealing with people claiming that blogging isn’t a ‘real’ job or a viable career option. At this time in my life blogging is the most viable career option because it offers me more freedom and flexibility than anything else I could be doing in turn allowing me to chase any opportunity that comes my way.

March Goals

During March I’m looking forward to really establishing more routine and structure to my blogging process. I will be starting an internship giving me less time to devote to the blog, so I am looking to streamline anything I can.

  • Automate social media to an extent. I still want to be ‘social’ on social media, but I’m also looking to have daily updates on Twitter and Facebook that I don’t have to think about.
  • Schedule guest posters. This one is a long time coming. I’ve been burning my candle at both ends and driving myself crazy trying to keep up with everything. While I’m looking to up my own unique content, I’m also excited to bring on guest posters!
  • Write guest posts. On the flip side to that, I would love to be able to guest post on other blogs because I really love the blogging community and up to this point I’ve mostly kept to my own blog.
  • Watch more Netflix. Ok, so this one is definitely not what I expected to be writing – but this month has taught me that I don’t take enough time for myself. My friend Sara told me just today that self care is never selfish, and my new goal is to spend one hour a day taking care of myself and unwinding. Whether I’m watching Criminal Minds on Netflix or painting I want to focus on spending more time doing something I don’t have to do.
  • Grow my network. You guys, there are a million reasons that I’m ecstatic to move to New York, but one of the biggest is that there are so many of my blogging friends that live out east – and most of them I have yet to meet in person! There is a small blogging community in the midwest, but nothing like there is in the city!
  • Start vlogging. I really want to record my move to New York. Of course I will be blogging about it, but I want to vlog as well – I will be documenting it all on my YouTube channel!