Expressing Myself with Endless Jewelry.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Endless Jewelry. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been living in New York now for just over two weeks – and it’s definitely been eye opening. There are so many crazy things to see, and incredible people to meet. I’ve been trying to make it a point to talk to new people in the city, and just hear their stories. I’ve shopped with a middle-aged Russian woman who moved here to live with her pregnant daughter, I’ve navigated the subway system with a high school boy who took an eight hour bus to the city on a whim, and just last night I had dinner with an elderly couple who built a fortune in their twenties and retired before they even became parents. These all might seem like a random slew of encounters, but it got me thinking how everyone has their stories. Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing – you have something interesting to share. Everyone, in their own eyes, is just a ‘regular person.’ But to anyone else they are new and exciting and come with a story that may have otherwise never been told. And that got me thinking – I talk to you all here several times a week and keep you updated on current happenings , but how often do I really share stories about who I am? I thought about it – and I can only come up with a post or two where I actually delved in to tell you a bit more about me.

I teamed up with Endless Jewelry and  to talk to y’all about being unique and expressing the things that make you, you and I will be sharing a few of the things that make me, me.  As a quick introduction, Endless Jewelry mixes fashion and fine jewelry – offering truly customizable pieces using all real materials. What’s truly amazing is how customizable the jewelry really is – you can pair different bands together or switch up your charms to create a different look every time. Endless Jewelry is all about sharing positivity, authenticity and celebrating your own unique style, color and energy. I really love mix and match pieces like this, because they allow you to truly express yourself.

I’m a ‘gold’ girl.

DSC_0192-1b When it comes to jewelry, you best believe I’ll be wearing gold. Anyone who sees me often enough knows that, but there is actually a reason why! For Chris and I’s first anniversary he gave me a gold necklace that I wore every day until the chain broke. Up until that point I’d only ever worn silver jewelry, but after incorporating the gold necklace into my daily uniform I slowly started acquiring more gold pieces and I haven’t looked back.

I prefer heels.


 In a perfect world, that is. In reality, you can almost always find me in flats because comfort first. The funny thing is, I’m tall for a girl and often get asked if wearing heels makes me feel insecure, but I actually feel more secure in them. I’ve never understood that question because my height makes me feel powerful and intimidating. I prefer to be the tallest person in the room, and heels give me that extra boost when I need it. Luckily often times I don’t need the boost and flats get the job done just as well.

I’m a June Baby.

IMG_9711-2 For those of you who didn’t know – my birthday is June 12 and I’ve always thought of it as the perfect time to have a birthday. It’s in the summer, doesn’t compete with any big holidays, and is just about the halfway point to Christmas. If you take a glance up at the bracelets, you’ll see the blue and gray charms hanging out on the bottom – those are Chris and I’s birthstones! Endless Jewelry is amazing because they don’t leave a detail out when it comes to what you can customize and the meaning you can add to your bracelets.

I love adventure.


I never really used to consider myself brave – but now I do. In the past few months, I’ve left school and moved across the country to live in NYC – two things I would have never imagined for myself. So I’m not ‘dare-devil’ brave, and my sense of adventure doesn’t necessarily have me sailing around the world – but as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable with myself I’ve learned to accept that there are going to be things that scare me, but I need to do them anyhow. My feather charm is there to remind me to accept change and blow where the wind takes me.

I’m an introvert.

DSC_0240-1 I don’t think most people realize that so many bloggers do their life’s work on the internet because we’re shy and introverted. I get a lot of emails from girls asking for advice on being more outgoing or confident in social situations. And truth is – on the blog it’s easy for me to talk to you all. If I trip over my words I have the backspace key on my side and if I don’t have anything to say I don’t post that day. I was thrilled when I saw that Endless Jewelry had an elephant charm – they are my favorite animals to me they symbolize confidence. They might be big and clumsy, but they cannot be ignored.

What about you?

Writing this post caused me to get a bit introspective.  I thought about the things I do, but then took it a step further and figured out why I do them. Now I want to hear about the little quirks you have and something I might not know about you! Plus! If you want some Endless Jewelry pieces for yourself you can find where it’s available using the Store Locator or you can choose your favorite image from this post and share it using the tags @endlessjewelry and #MyEndlessStyle!  Want bonus points? Check out their Jennifer Lopez Collection and tell me which pieces were your favorite!

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