Elephant Pants & Photoshoots.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here once or twice before, but a fun fact about me is I love safari animals. If I had to choose my favorite I wouldn’t be able to, but I can narrow it down to elephants and giraffes. I relate to giraffes in that I’m tall and lanky and maybe a bit awkward, and I don’t really know what exactly draws me to elephants. But I do know that I love them! So when I stumbled upon the Elephant Pants on Instagram it was love at first site.



The pants are perfect and are very ‘me.’ I love anything with a boho vibe and the fun pattern on this definitely drew me in! I bought the black diamond pair – but it was super hard to choose! I already have two picked out to order soon (they are under $20 a pair!), and I know I’ll probably be putting a pair or two on my Christmas list! What’s really great about these is not only are they really affordable (make them even more affordable with coupon code ‘morgantimm’, but with every purchase either one or two dollars goes to help save elephants!

They come in a ton of different prints (all elephant themed!) and colors – there is really an amazing selection! The best part of the pants, though, is the comfort. I really don’t wear anything else when I’m lounging, but if I throw on a nice tank top I can easily transform the lounge wear into something appropriate to wear when I’m out and about. At first I was nervous because the ranges of size are only ‘standard’ and ‘large,’ and normally I would order a medium in something like this to accommodate for my height. But the standard size is plenty long and it is so stretchy around the waist and the ankles that I think the two sizes are sufficient!


Also, I want to mention these pictures! When brainstorming shoot ideas, my new friend Desiree (check her out!) thought that a sunrise shoot would really fit the vibe I was going for! We hadn’t met in person yet, but we decided to break every internet/stranger danger rule ever and meet in a desolate parking lot by the river before the sun came up. Luckily for both of us, neither of us turned out to a 40 year old man and the shoot went great!

Even though we had talked a ton over email, I was still really nervous that it would be really awkward having her take my picture, but it was actually really fun! In my humble opinion I’d like to say that we really hit it off and had a lot in common! The lack of sleep did make me a little slap happy, and I was convinced that trying my hand at advanced yoga would be a good idea.


Despite what it may look like, I was actually just falling in style.


Because I’m better off doing things where I’m not risking falling on my face.

We actually got around a billion great pictures (Desiree is the best!) but I will be sharing more on Instagram in the coming week or two!