Sunday Steals & Deals: Dresses Under $50!

I’ve toyed around with fashion blogging here on Mostly Morgan a few times before, but fashion blogging has never been fully integrated into the site. Because of that, I’m sure you’d never guess how much I love fashion – but I’m all about piecing together great outfits and experimenting with my style.

In efforts to introduce a bit more of my style to the blog, I am introducing a new weekly series! Sunday Steals & Deals. Every Sunday I will hunt for bargains to make online shopping that much easier for you! Each week will have a theme, whether it be a certain clothing piece, inspired by a celebrity, or something completely random!

I am crazy about dresses, so it seems only natural for me to start there this week! I found some gorgeous dresses that are either on sale, or a bargain to begin with! I am so tempted to buy half of these dresses, but for now I am practicing self control and just sharing them with you!

Dresses Under $50



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So that might seem like a lot of dresses, but you don’t know how hard it was for me to narrow it down to just that. There were so many cute ones! I think that the dresses I chose do a good job embodying my style, but I tried to throw some versatile pieces that I thought most everyone would love in there, too!

Are you as crazy about dresses as I am? Where is your favorite place to buy them? And which dress shown above was your favorite?