6 Commonly Forgotten Dorm Essentials.

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College posts are definitely my favorite to write, and according to my analytics, your favorite to read! So a ton of back to school posts the month leading up to school was a no brainer for me! This is going to be my first post in my back to school series, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Today I want to talk about packing for college! I already have a huge guide I wrote this time last year, but now I want to focus on dorm essentials that a lot of people seem to forget!


6 Commonly forgotten dorm essentials.

A PowerstripA lot of schools won’t allow you to have an actual extension cord, but having a power strip with a long cord will get the job done just as well! Plus it gives you extra outlets which are a necessity if you’re living in the dorms!

A shower caddyThis past year I think about half of the girls on my floor were carrying their shampoo and loofahs to the shower in a grocery bag for the first few weeks of school. Shower caddies are just something that not everyone thinks of, but they’re so important and they’ll make your life a heck of a lot easier.

A microwave safe mug: Whether it’s for heating water for ramen, making tea, or caffeinating in the morning – you’re going to wish you had one! I didn’t until Christmas freshman year and I was heating water for tea in my (contraband) crockpot. So instead of having tea in 2 minutes, it was a 20 minute ordeal! Plus the one I linked is super cute!

Command hooks: Trust me on this one – in a dorm setting command hooks are as good as gold! You can use them for decoration, hanging jackets, organizing jewelry, and so much more! You don’t realize how creative you can be with command strips until you’re thrust into a tiny dorm setting and are forced to improvise with the limited resources provided.

A desk fanIf you’re living in an air conditioned dorm, consider yourself luck. Fans are a dorm essential for most people, because the majority of dorms were made years and years ago and many haven’t been updated with air conditioning. Your personal fan is going to get you through the hot months. And the one I linked is bladeless! How cool is that?

Extra lighting: Again, dorms are old and many come equipped with dim, yellow lighting that is almost as depressing as the limited closet space. That’s when floor lamps come to the rescue! You can get them for pretty cheap and they make all of the difference in your room!

So I know this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dorm essentials, but these were the ones that I think are either the most commonly forgotten, or that are the biggest bummer to forget! If you want to help future students out, leave your dorm essentials in the comments!