Treat Yourself with a DIY Spa Day

This post brought to you by Pure Silk Shave Cream. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mostly Morgan.

Summers used to mean lazy days and pool floats, but this year I’ve got my first “big girl” job in the city and so I’ve been working long days and coming home to do more work for my own personal projects. I love my internship and keeping up with my blogs, but every now and then I just need to slow down, unwind, and destress. I usually don’t feel myself getting overwhelmed until it’s too late so I’ve been sure to work self-care into my weekly routine. And as much as I’d love to be pampered at the spa each week, a girls gotta eat.

Instead, I’ve got my own pampering routine that won’t break the bank and leaves me feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the week.

A spa-like atmosphere


Maybe I take things too far, but I like to have a relaxing setting to come home to. I keep my apartment pretty neat, but every Friday after work first thing I do is a big deep clean. From there I’ll light candles, turn on my salt lamp, and play some relaxing music.

Tip: If you’re looking for relaxing music to play, Pandora has a great spa playlist!

A soak


I couldn’t be more grateful to live in an apartment with a bathtub (#blessed). I’ve always done my best unwinding in the tub, and whether it’s a stressed mind or stressed muscles the bath alleviates all tension. While I’m in the bath I unwind for as long as I need to and then fall into my hygiene routine. This might be strange, but I find shaving my legs to be oddly therapeutic and I’ve been using Pure Silk Shave Cream because it prevents nicks better than my old method of water and shampoo and it smells amazing. Plus! Nothing makes me feel more pampered than having silky smooth legs.

It’s the little things, ladies. 

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It can also be found at Walgreens for $.89 (combine $.50 off coupon from Redplum with the Walgreens sales price of $1.39).

Face masks


I am a face mask junkie. For the purpose of this post I went and counted and I have 11 different face masks in my medicine cabinet. Living in the city has turned my docile skin quite temperamental so face masks are not only for pampering, but also for maintenance. I use them several times a week, and oftentimes try and DIY my own, too!

Tip: Looking to DIY a facemask? Check out Pinterest! I always find great recipes there.

Fresh polish


I am not one to have polished fingernails, but in the summer I always have a fresh coat of paint on my toes. While I don’t love the process of giving myself a pedi, I do love the end result. I always feel so put together when I’ve got smooth legs and shiny toenails!

Tip: Dunk your nails in ice water when you’re done painting and the polish will set quicker. No more creases in your polish!

Relaxing with media


Aha! So that’s what the traditional spa day is missing. To end my spa days I generally call it a night earlier than usual and snuggle into bed to watch TV or a movie. Once I start my at home spa days I’m done working for the day! I’ve been on a New Girl kick lately, though I find myself gravitating towards the chick flicks pretty often, too!

Tip: If you don’t have Netflix or another streaming service, there are a lot of full-length movies on YouTube! I love saving money and doing spa days at home, how do you treat yo’self when you’re feeling stressed?

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