How to make your small space SUPER cozy!

In a little over a month I’ll be heading back down to Champaign to move into my first ever apartment. I am so excited to finally be given the opportunity to decorate my own room without having to take anyone else into consideration.

I’ve been designing my dream room in my head for months and I’ve finally started hunting for pieces to bring my dream to life. The bedrooms in my apartment are really small – but I’m not going to let that limit me! With some savvy decorating tips I’m planning on taking my tiny room and turning it into a cozy haven.

When decorating small spaces you really have to think about pieces that will make a statement without overwhelming the room. In order to keep from making my room feel cramped I am going to focus on three things: Avoiding dark colors, mirrors, and lighting.

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The bed.

I’m a sucker for white bedding – it just seems so luxurious! Now I’m someone who usually snacks in bed, so I’ve never trusted myself with it before. But now that I’m living in my ‘big-girl’ apartment, I think it’s time to make this leap!


As far as sheets go – I plan on keeping it basic. Fun colors and prints are great, but now that I’m twenty I’ve been more focused on investing in pieces that can carry me into adulthood and match with any bedrooms I have in the future.


For the past few years I’ve dreamed about having a ruffled, white duvet fit for a queen – and that dream is finally coming true! For the bedspread itself, it was very important to me that it be white – a dark comforter would make the room feel smaller and crowded. The white duvet is going to brighten the room up and make it seem larger.



I plan on bringing color to my room through small pieces that aren’t too overwhelming: think pillows, prints, and trinkets. I loved these pillows with feel good quotes, and I’ll love the color that they bring to my room! In addition to these I plan on picking up an assortment of jewel toned pillows to liven up my bead and provide extra seating when I have friends over!


In order to get that super cozy feel in your room you are going to want to have plenty of places to sit down and unwind. In a small room you might only have room for two or three lounge areas, so make sure to choose wisely!

A soft chair

During the school year my sleep schedule is anything but healthy, and I really buy into keeping your bed for sleep. That means when I’m lounging, reading, or studying I need a comfortable area that’s not my bed. And this chair looks perfect! I can already see myself curled up on it with a soft throw and a great book!

Desk chair.
Ok, indulge me this one. Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? They say that sitting is the new smoking, and exercise balls are a great alternative to traditional chairs. So not only is this ‘chair’ a fur covered bouncy ball, but it’s healthier for me than a traditional chair. That’s a win in my book!


In addition to being small, two of the bedrooms in my apartment have sort of wonky windows that don’t let in much light. My roommates and I are going ‘first come first serve’ as far as rooms go, so making sure I pack adequate lighting is so important. But rather than packing a big industrial light that would light up the whole room, I like the feel that a bunch of soft lights brings to a room.

Bedside lamp.

Now is this not the most beautiful lamp you’ve ever seen? I am in love with it, and I am so curious to see how the light shines through all of the crystals. I would keep this on my bedside table, and put a more direct light on my desk for studying.

Fairy Lights.


I am crazy about fairy lights! I already have collected upwards of 100 ft to decorate my room with, but these flower lights are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to hang these above my bed!

Final Tips.

  • Make use of reflective surfaces – full length mirrors will make the room seem more open!
  • Play around with different textures to make your room extra cozy!
  • Don’t get so caught up in trying to make your room a certain way that it’s unlivable!
  • Style. Comfort. Ease – let Pottery Barn Dorm help you create your dream dorm room – so you can focus on school!

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