The Collegiate’s Guide to Saving Money.

I wrote a post like this a long time ago, but now I have even more motivation to save money so I came up with a few new money saving strategies that I thought I could share with you all! I am excited to say that I will be going to New York for my first ever blogging conference this summer, and I am beyond excited! But it’s no secret that New York isn’t the cheapest of places, so I want to have plenty saved up so I can experience the city in full!

I have several main strategies on doing so, and I am quite excited to share them with you!

Saving money in college can be tough - but I've got you covered!


Stop spending money!

I know, I know. This one is a bit obvious, but one that I sometimes have to remind myself of. There is absolutely nothing that I need to buy right now. I’m at college with a meal plan and I own plenty of clothes and shoes, so the need to spend money is basically nonexistent. If you’re familiar with the restaurant J Gumbos, that used to be my weakness, prior to now I’d be spending 6 dollars a week there, which isn’t a lot by any means, but now that I’m not spending that money, it’s going to equal an extra one hundred dollars in my pocket for New York.

To stop spending money, stop tempting yourself! Stay away from the mall and starbucks and watch your money add up! It’s amazing how much you can save by just cutting out silly little habits!

What I will be doing until then is spending giftcards that I get from Swagbucks, a program I have been using since high school to earn free giftcards online. I am not sponsored by them, but I did reach out to ask if my readers could have a promo code, and they graciously gave me one if you want to sign up and start off with 70 swagbucks – it’s MostlyMorgan. I have an entire post on how to earn, here!

Put your change away.

Whenever i have spare change I instinctually stick it into my change jar, now. I have been doing this for around six months now and have saved up about forty dollars doing so. If you’re on a college campus, then watch where you’re walking, it’s a strange day if I don’t find at least a few coins. When you have a ton of change, take it to the bank to cash out instead of one of the machines – the bank will do it for free, a machine is going to take a cut.

Make a list.

If you’re not on a meal plan at school or do have to go shopping for any reason – make a list and don’t buy anything else. Before you shop brainstorm what it is you need, make sure that you’re going to use it all, and then stick with it. There have been so many times that I’ve gone shopping and fell for the near check-out items or an amazing sale that I didn’t think that I could possibly pass up.

Check online, first.

Again, if you do need to buy something, check your options online out before doing anything else. Chances are Amazon is going to have it cheaper than any store. Especially with things like technology! It might be worth waiting an extra day or two if that means you are going to save a ton of money doing so!

Check for discounts.

There are a ton of discounts available to college students, all you need is a .edu email or a school ID! One of the first posts I ever wrote talks all about the discounts availible to college students. If you check it out, don’t judge – like I said, it was one of the first. You can also find great discounts on Student Rate – an incredible website with an endless list of student discounts plus fun perks like awesome giveaways!

I hope one or two of these tips might help you, a bit! Are you saving for anything exciting in the future? I’d love to hear about it, tell me in the comments below!