College Room Tour

So way back in the summer when I was talking about moving into my first apartment, a few of you lovely folk asked if I’d do a virtual room tour. I enthusiastically agreed, but three months later I still haven’t gotten to it yet. I want to film one for my YouTube channel, but I’ve been waiting until I have everything perfect. I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably won’t have things perfect for a while more (I’ve got some projects underway), but in the mean time I thought I could show you all some of my favorite parts of my room!

My bed & comforter.

IMG_8648 IMG_8649

Right as you walk in my room the first thing that you see is my bed. I know it’s supposed to be bad mojo to have your feet pointing toward the door when you sleep, but in my cozy little apartment there wasn’t room in the bedroom to position the bed any other way. My duvet cover is the Vienna from Crane & Canopy in Dust Pink. The duvet cover is very ‘me’ and I’m crazy about the colors and the ruffles! I’ve cozied things up for the fall and winter months with a blanket scarf from American Eagle (that I’m actually using as a blanket!) and some string lights that I like to plug in after dark!

My desk.

IMG_8651 IMG_8652

While I’d like to say that I spend most of my time in my bed snoozing, the reality of being a college student & blogger means that I spend a good portion of each day hunched over my computer at my desk. Because that’s where I’m spending most of my time, I made sure things were pretty. I covered the top of the desk with marble contact paper from Amazon, and decorated my vanity corner with plants and candles (two of my favorite things!) The ‘Good Vibes Only’ print is meant to be hung on a gallery wall I’m in the process of creating, but until I get stronger tape it’s been hanging out with me on my desk.

The details.


Between my closet and the door to my room I had a bland, boring wall that I’ve dressed up a bit with my jewelry! It’s not the best set up, but I’ve got a stretchy strip of lace (cut from an old pair of tights) tied between two command hooks with my jewelry hanging on it from there. When I first set it up the jewels were arranged perfectly and ordered so all of the longer pieces were towards the middle. As things go, though, it has since fallen into a state of disarray, but I love it nonetheless.

Ten dollars at target got me this really pretty ‘Hello Beautiful’ decal that I’ve got stuck above my bed. The picture isn’t crooked, the decal is, because those are surprisingly hard to hang up by yourself! I really love the combination of cursive and the floral print, I think it’s very soft and feminine!



And to add some contrast to the soft and feminine, I’m using this Tribe of Us Beach Towel as a rug, because there really isn’t too much that can be done with a beach towel in November in the midwest. I’m really crazy about the strong black and white print! Plus, it’s nice to be able to hide the slightly tragic carpeting that all college apartments seem to come equipped with. You can also see my shoe storage! I keep my shoes lined up on the edge of my bed to save space in the closet!


Among other things missing from my apartment on move in day, a closet door was one. Originally I planned to hang curtains, or something, but I’e decided that if I keep things organized it doesn’t look too shabby. Plus, it’s motivation to keep my closet clean! I have a (very rough) organizational system that goes by color, but for the most part things are in a bit of disarray, but that’s the way I like it.



I am crafty in the sense that I’m always crafty, but not in the sense that I’m talented at it (note the abandoned canvas between the wall and dresser.) But I am pretty happy with how these cacti came out! If you didn’t already know, I consider myself a bit of a crazy plant lady and most of my plants live in the living room because I don’t have space for them in my room, so I was able to bring a few extra plants in without sacrificing space!

So, that’s my room! It doesn’t look like it came from a catalog, but I think that it’s very ‘me.’ I love the homemade projects and the comfy blankets. I will be adding a full room tour to my YouTube channel once I finish my final projects, but I really love the way my room is already!

Are you in a dorm or a college apartment? What steps did you take to make your room your own?