College Fashion Week: A Recap

This weekend I got to do one of the coolest things I have ever done. I took off on what I dubbed my ‘big girl adventure’ and rode the train up to Chicago (by myself!) to walk in College Fashion Week. I have so many interesting stories from the trip, so bare with me if this post is long!

On the train I met a lovely woman named Rosemary, who told me she was 83. She had grown up in Chicago and told me all about her childhood there and gave me recommendations about must see locations, where the best food is, and on life in general. After getting off the train we didn’t go our separate ways, rather she decided to act as tour guide. She took me in and out of buildings and pointed out historic structures. Her and I stuck together for a little bit before going our separate ways.

I needed black undergarments for the show, and I didn’t pack them so Victoria’s Secret was my next stop. It would have been a quick in and out, except for the fact that the line wrapped around the store. I finally made it out of that mess and called for an Uber cab to take me to my cousin’s where I stayed for the weekend (thanks, Derek!) I wasn’t there for long at all before I had to take another Uber to get to the Bare Minerals in Water Tower Plaza for the Bare Minerals Primping party.

At the party I was very excited to meet my blogger friend, Miche, and all of the other girls there, too! We went out to the main area of the mall and practiced our runway walks in front of all of the mall goers who just looked at us, confused as to what in the world we could possibly be doing. It was there that I found out I would be in scene two, the “Brooklyn Princess” scene, and I was super excited because out of all the outfits, I got to wear my second favorite!

I started my Saturday by sitting by the fire at Derek’s (it was so cozy!) I really didn’t want to leave but there was a city to explore! I took an uber to Michigan Avenue and began my adventure by buying a new pencil skirt at Forever 21, and a pretzel at Auntie Annes. From there I started walking and wandering, over bridges, under over passes, and until I was terribly lost (in the best way possible!) I finally made it to Revel Downtown, where the show was, and the real fun began!

College Fashion week!
Unfortunately in UK sizes, if only I were a size 7 shoe!

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As soon as we got there we rehearsed on the runway, making sure we had timing down and knew which way to go when. I was actually more nervous doing that than I was during the actual show! Finally though, it was the part we had all been waiting for: wardrobe fitting. We finally got to try on our outfits!

cfw 032b
Here I am with Ricky and Miche in our runway looks from Boohoo!

Hair and makeup was next and I had never had my hair or makeup professionally done before! If I am being completely honest, both were a lot more painful than I imagined them to be, but I grinned and beared it because it was still an amazing experience! I love how both turned out, the hairstylist was super talented, twisting my Rapunzel locks into a manageable side bun in just a few minutes, and the makeup artist was so thorough. I was shocked how long makeup took!

cfw 029b

We got the chance to walk around the events before the show started and take part in the photobooth and get excited about all of the people there. At seven us models needed to go backstage and into our outfits and have our hair touched up. We lined up and shook off our nervous energy. It was time to go out! Honestly the time on the runway was a blur, all I know is that I didn’t fall on the terrifying step from the stage to the runway, and really that is all that mattered to me. I loved the thrill of it, and I wish I could do it 100 more times!

cfw 030b

cfw 031b

cfw 037b cfw 032b