College Essentials That Most Students Forget.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, I go back to school in two days. TWO! I only finished my back to school shopping yesterday and that’s when I realized there are probably a ton of back to college essentials that many students forget. If you’re living in the dorms as I am, there is so much you need that most students simply don’t think of.

To help out fellow students who are rushing to their local stores in a last-minute panic I wanted to provide a list of items that you need, but might not remember. I am glossing over items like notebooks, pens, and pencils because let’s be honest – if you forget those basics, then perhaps college isn’t for you. (Totally kidding, we all have our air-headed moments!)

So with that said, let me quit my ramblings and present my list of necessities to you!

Brita® Water Pitcher

There is good chance that if you are living in the dorms that you won’t have a sink in your room – although I know some lucky ducks do get spoiled with one – but it’s not likely! I wasn’t so fortunate to have a sink and I don’t know what I would have done without my Brita® Water Pitcher which is available at Target last year. I took it down stairs to the water fountain to refill every day or two, though if you aren’t a germaphobe like myself you could definitely save yourself a trip up and down the stairs by refilling it in the bathroom sinks. Using my pitcher saved me a ton of money on buying water bottles and it was a lot more convenient then always having to fill my small water bottle whenever I was thirsty.

Disinfecting Wipes

Dorms are dirty, there is no escaping that. They are a hotspot for germs and chances are you’ll catch a lot of colds unless you are careful. If your roommate gets sick or you make a mess you are going to want to have these wipes on hand. Wash doorknobs, light switches, and any other commonly touched item regularly to keep yourself from catching a cold.

Desk Fan

Chances are that you’ve already bought a large box fan to cool the entirety of your dorm, but if you don’t have air conditioning you might want more than that. It’s hard to study at your desk with sweat dripping down your face, so a small personal fan is great. I got mine for super cheap (in all honesty, my mom got mine for me for super cheap) but it’s been a lifesaver.

Stain Removal Pen

I make a lot of messes, and whether you are as sloppy as me or not I still really recommend one of these pens. They are nice to keep on you in case you spill your drink or dinner on your lap, or if you get a stain on the carpet. I didn’t know how badly I needed one until I didn’t have one. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Air Freshener

Whether it’s in a bottle or a wall plug-in, get one. Dorm rooms are so small that any smell is magnified. If your roommate orders Chinese food you’ll smell it for a week and no matter how clean you keep your fridge, every time you open it your room will fill with some indescribable odor. A air freshener can combat all of that and keep your room smelling fresh. But like I said, the size of dorm rooms magnify smells so don’t get an overpowering scent!

Fabric Softener Sheets

You might want some fabric softener sheets – and not just for laundry. My dresser last year made all of my clothes smell icky and musty, so I put a few sheets in each drawer to counter the smell. They are also really nice for wiping up dust, rubbing on your staticky clothes, and taping over your fan to freshen up your room if you run out of air freshener.


Like I said earlier, dorm rooms are hot spot for germs, so if you get sick you don’t want to be caught unaware. Bring tissues, and a back up pack, too. By the time you realize you need them you’re not going to want to trek to the nearest store to pick them up.

Those are my top forgotten essentials, though I do have a more in depth packing guide, that covers nearly everything that you might need. Are you in college? What essential did you discover that YOU forgot after move in? Comment below!

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