Sewing a Circle Skirt for Beginners.

For Christmas this year, the big ticket item on my wishlist was a sewing machine. I have a very basic knowledge of how to sew from FACS classes in middle school, but I really wanted to expand on that so I could make my own clothes. Santa was good to me, and not only did I get a sewing machine, but I also received a gift card to the fabric store. I poured over guides on the internet and finally decided to try my hand at making a circle skirt.

First things first – I will tell you right now that this isn’t going to be a comprehensive guide for how to sew a circle skirt – I’m still new at this! I used this tutorial to make mine, and I ran into some kinks. After going through and making a skirt, I thought I’d share with you a few of the tips I wished I had known before I had started sewing.

Sewing A Circle Skirt Guide Tips Sew DIY

Making the Pattern.

This part wasn’t too bad. Though I  tried to free hand the curved lines. Don’t do that. (Unless you’re more talented than I am, that is.) In the video she pokes a hole through her measuring tape, sticks a pin in there, and swings it back and forth to get a perfect curve – I would highly recommend going with that method. The only reason I didn’t was because I had just bought my measuring tape and it was new and shiney. A silly reason, but I didn’t want to tarnish it!

Sewing the Hem.

My oh my was this more difficult than I would have thought. If I could do it all over again I would have gone and ironed it in first. Halfway through the idea to do this dawned on me, but I was too stubborn so I just kept humming around. Big mistake! I had to tear the entire hem out and start over (I still didn’t iron it – like I said, stubborn.) But I did put the pins closer together so it stayed smoother.

Also, when it’s all finished if it looks a bit messy (mine did!) you can iron the hem and it will smooth things out a lot. If you look closely there are some flaws still in mine, but the iron really helped disguise them!

Sewing the Waistband.

In the video, she really didn’t show how to sew the waistband for your circle skirt at all. She just linked to another video that showed a dozen different ways to sew elastic, and that’s really where the video fell flat. I really recommend looking into how to sew elastic on a skirt before embarking on this endeavor, because my waistband really didn’t turn out too stretchy at all. Luckily it’s still a bit loose on the waist – if you look close you can see where I tied it in the back! Some tips I have learned are that you really have to stretch the elastic while you’re sewing it on, and use a zigzag stitch!


Good luck!

I just wanted to share with all of you what I learned from trying to sew a circle skirt for the very first time. I am really happy with how it turned out, and I am eager for spring so that I can wear it out! Now from experience I know I can make a better skirt if I just follow the tips listed above! Are any of you sewing experts? I’d love to see (and be completely envious of!) your latest projects!