Check out my new blog!

You guys, I teased y’all for so long hinting at secret projects and a new website and it’s finally live! If you follow me on social media you may have already seen it (I’m a bit behind announcing it here!) but it’s up, and running, and I’m in love.

My new website is and I created it so I could separate my lifestyle blog from my business and blogging tips.

So far 2

I’ve always tried to be a bit rebellious and refrain from creating a strict niche, but as we move into the new year (and I’m one step closer to having to get serious about my future) I had to really think about what I want from blogging.

In the end I’m hoping to be a full time blogger and infopreneur, and that wouldn’t be able to happen if I continued going with the flow and posting what I wanted here.

Separating into two websites gives me the distinct advantage of being able to still write what I want when I want, but now it’s easier to categorize. Blogging + Business goes on MT, and all things lifestyle go here, at MM.

From the reader’s perspective this division might not make much sense (why ruin a good thing, amiright?) but from my wannabe lady-boss perspective it was absolutely necessary. You see, MM has two main audiences:

  • 18-22 year old girls who love reading about my college experiences and seeing OOTD’s and other ‘girly’ posts.
  • 25-35 hustlers, guys and girls, who are trying to expand their online businesses and make a full time income.

Those audiences had very little overlap so it didn’t make sense for me to market courses and e-products here when half of my audience could care less about growing a blog or making a full time income online.

To answer a few questions:

  • I will still be posting here on Mostly Morgan! This site is my baby and the one that started it all for me!
  • After everything is up and running smoothly (by February) I’ll be posting MWF here one MM and TT on MT. The weekends are for content creation (and maybe a little bit of relaxation.)
  • I will be selling e-books, workshops, and courses on Morgan Timm at least once a quarter, and I have webinars planned for here!

So if you’re here because you love the college and lifestyle content, stick around! If you’re all about those lady-boss vibes you might love to check out my new site.

Either way I’m so glad to have you and I hope that you’re all doing big things with your new year!