Does charcoal teeth whitening work?

A few weeks ago I saw some pretty intriguing pins circulating pinterest – before and after pictures of yellow to white teeth, with a picture in the middle that looked like somebody went face first into a pile of dirt. That in itself charmed me into clicking and seeing what it was all about. It told me all about the process of charcoal teeth whitening.

What I read was that by opening these tiny capsules and rubbing the jet black powder around on your teeth and letting it sit a while, you’d end up with dazzling white teeth on your very first use. There were even amazing before and after pictures for proof! And perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but I was a little bit skeptical. The first thing I noticed was that the tone of the skin were drastically different, in the before picture the skin tone was warm, nearly yellow, but in the after picture the skin was light and cool toned. Now this could be an honest mistake resulting from a simple difference in lighting, in fact you’ll even see that in my pictures the lighting is a little off, as well. But the difference is that I’m disclosing that now.

You may think I am about to tell you that charcoal teeth whitening is rubbish and doesn’t work at all.

But I’m not.

Find out everything that you need to know about activated charcoal and it's teeth whitening abilities!

I had my lovely friend Megan help me with my experiment, we buckled down, made our charcoal paste, and had a little too much fun taking silly selfies of our jet black mouths.

The process is actually really easy, if not a little bit messy. All you have to do is squeeze and pull each end of the capsule and tap out the charcoal on the inside. Megan and I decided to make a little paste to rub on our teeth, though you could just dip a wet toothbrush in the dry powder and apply it that way. We let it sit while we tried to keep our composure, though it wasn’t easy. After five or so minutes we rinsed and brushed our teeth and rushed to the mirror to admire our shiny new teeth.

But they weren’t all that new. While I noticed some of the main stains in between my teeth were gone, and my teeth felt incredibly smooth. They certainly weren’t toothpaste-commercial-white like some other sources led me to believe they would be. Thanks to my skepticism, I wasn’t too disappointed as I figured that this would be the outcome, but part of me was really hoping that this would live up to the hype.

Would I recommend charcoal teeth whitening to  my lovely readers? Yes, I would. With the disclaimer that this is by no means a miracle, and you absolutely will not see dramatic instant results that you may expect. But seeing that this is chemical free, safe to swallow (in such small amounts,) and cheap I would recommend this over more expensive and harmful products.

And just for reference, here are Megan and I’s pictures from before and after we tried charcoal teeth whitening. Note that the lighting varied, as we did this at night so we were relying on the overhead light in my dorm room.


Find out everything that you need to know about activated charcoal and it's teeth whitening abilities!

Morgan (me!):

Find out everything that you need to know about activated charcoal and it's teeth whitening abilities!

Thank you guys for reading! Have you ever tried this? Did you see better results than Megan and I did?

Note: This was my experience and perhaps other people will have incredible results.