DIY: Painted Change Jar.

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Yesterday I made a cheap, easy painted change jar. In total the supplies cost me ten dollars, making the change jar kept me occupied for an afternoon, and I am in love with the final product. If you’re familiar with my blog, you may know that I have a lot of things I want to do before I die, and a lot of places I would like to travel to. So, ambitiously perhaps, I’m hoping by filling up my change jar with loose coins, I can hopefully begin to fund travels and exciting adventures.

I thought the change jar was a really fun project, so I wanted to show you all how I did it! You won’t need much: A jar, Paint (I used acrylic!), an assortment of paintbrushes, mod podge, and optionally you can use painters tape for clean lines (I didn’t, I cleaned mine up with a rag before I mod podged.)

What you'll need to create a super cute, DIY change jar!

Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you may begin! I started by painting a thick white stripe all around so that the pattern I ended up painting on would show up more clearly. This is where painter’s tape may have come in handy, but I decided just to freehand the stripe and it turned out fine!

Change jar: in progress

Then came the fun (and tedious!) part: painting on the pattern. I just started adding an assortment of various vertical stripes and squiggles, and spots in different colors to create a really fun, bright pattern. Any pattern you choose to do would be great! Other options could be animal stripes, polka dots, or any pattern or design that you can imagine!

Change jar: in progress

Once you’ve finished the long process of painting on your design, now you get to add whatever you want your jar to say! I chose to paint ‘Adventure Fund’ onto mine, because that’s what it is! But you can paint whatever you are saving up for onto your change jar: college, shoes, groceries, the list goes on! Be creative here:)

Check out to find out how to make this super cute DIY change jar!


Once your lettering has dried, you’ll want to mod podge over your change jar so that the paint doesn’t chip away and so that it is nice and shiny! Unless your prefer matte, in which case you can buy a matte mod podge instead!

Now it’s time to add any change you’ve got lying around into your change jar, as you can see I won’t be going on an adventure anytime soon, but now I’m inspired to start saving!

Do you have a piggy bank or change jar for your loose change? What are you saving up for?