Wedding Planning Advice for Introverts

When Garrett and I started planning our wedding, we had a bunch of “oh s%^$!” moments realizing just how much the wedding industry and traditions catered towards the most outgoing of couples. For two low key wall flowers like us, a lot of the expected festivities made us feel, well, anxious. I really don’t need Garrett climbing up my dress for my garter in front of my grandma and ring bearers. And the idea of saying my vows meant just for my love into a microphone for 125 people to hear gives me the sweats. And then we had an… View Post

Our Engagement Story

Earlier this month, Garrett and I went up to hike around Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota where…we got engaged! I had no clue that it was coming, not even an inkling! I love hearing the engagement story when my friends have gotten engaged, so I thought I’d share my engagement story with all of you! When we decided to move in together, we did so having the same end goal. With that said – I hadn’t even begun to suspect it would happen this summer, so it was the most exciting surprise of my life. Our engagement at Amnicon Falls State Park In early… View Post