Tips for Having the Best Flight Ever

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good flier at this point. That wasn’t always the case, though. The first time I ever traveled alone I was 18 and visiting my best friend in Texas and I had nothing short of a melt down before take off because I had a feeling that the plane was going to crash. Now I know that “feeling” was just paranoia, but at the time I thought I was having a That’s So Raven moment. Since then I’ve been on dozens of flights and at this point, I don’t experience any jitters at all.… View Post

Southern California Photo Diary

A few weeks ago Chris and I adventured away from the blistering cold that is the midwest in January and headed to visit his family in southern California. I’d never been, and it’s been a few years since he’d made it out that way so it felt like a new adventure for both of us. This was our first time traveling together – and luckily for us it went pretty smoothly. Of course nothing is ever perfect and on our flight from the Quad Cities to Chicago we were still waiting to get off the plane when the gates closed for… View Post

Things to do in San Francisco: Muir Woods

When I left for San Francisco I figured I’d be able to wrap up the trip in a quick and tidy blog post given that it was a quick sixty hours until we turned around and headed home – but man! We packed a lot into our trip so I thought it’d be more beneficial to break it down by what we did. First things first: If you haven’t been following along on Instagram, I was in San Francisco with my friend Tracey a little over a week ago and it was a crazy and exciting adventure. Between the highs of… View Post

24 Hours in Chicago ft. Lee DeWyze Concert

When I tell people I live in Illinois what everyone hears is me saying I live in Chicago. That’s not quite the case. I’m about 3 hours south-west of the city and really haven’t spent much time up that way at all. I’m close to Iowa City if I want to go shopping, and the idea of driving in the city gives me anxiety. But I still jump at any chance to go up so long as I’m acting as co-pilot and chief navigation assistant, never driver. My mom’s favorite boy, Lee DeWyze had a performance in Arlington yesterday night and… View Post

I’m Going to San Francisco! (And flight tips!)

When I moved back home to Illinois from New York City in August one strong driving force was the desire to travel. I was spending waaaaay more for rent in the city than I care to admit and that money could be better spent going on adventures and having once in a lifetime experiences. Originally I planned on saving money until 2017 (I’ve already got a few trips planned!) but a friend texted me asking if I wanted to go to San Francisco with her in November and I’d never been to the West Coast so I had to say yes!… View Post