The Collegiates Guide to Gaining Job Experience.

This post is in partnership with Chloe + Isabel through Smart Girls Media Sisters. As college students, we are constantly being encouraged to ‘make yourself marketable’ and develop ‘real world skills.’ Unfortunately for us, it seems that the people encouraging us to do so rarely have much to say about how to go about achieving these qualities. There is no denying that it is absolutely imperative that all collegiates develop these skills – the big question that so many of us face is ‘how?’ I was recently introduced to an amazing program through New York-based fashion jewelry brand Chloe + Isabel… View Post

Spring Style & an Amazing Opportunity ft. Chloe + Isabel.

This post is in partnership with Chloe + Isabel through Smart Girls Media Sisters. I’ve been in a serious fashion rut for the past few months. Spring is coming painfully slow here in Illinois, and there’s just not much I can do with the same uniform of skinny jeans and sweaters anymore. I’ve been stuck in a vicious fashion cycle, and I’m ready to switch things up. After praying for sun to come out and play for weeks, I got lucky with an unusually warm day. Pair that with some gorgeous new jewelry, and I finally had the inspiration I needed… View Post

Get Over Your Selfie: Join #TheUsProject!

This post brought to you by Soffe. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mostly Morgan. Instagram is hands down my favorite social media platform because I feel like you can learn a lot more about people through photos than you can through status updates or tweets, and it is interesting to see the world through somebody else’s eyes. My Instagram is certainly my most personal social media account and one where I feel that people can best get to know me. One of my all time favorite pictures! #Cousins #TheUsProject A photo posted by Morgan Ann Timm… View Post

Instagram Themes: Your Ultimate Guide!

Blogging has changed the way that I use Instagram SO much. I never used to worry about branding, or proper hashtagging. If I liked a picture I would post it, even if it was out of focus or grainy or didn’t mesh with the surrounding pictures. But now Instagrammers everywhere are being very deliberate in the things that they post – creating Instagram themes resulting in beautiful feeds where each picture perfectly transitions to the next. While my feed is nowhere near the caliber of some of my favorite Instagrammers, I have been working on being more thoughtful about what… View Post

Confessions of a Crazy Plant Lady – My Collection.

I fancy my self to be a bit of a ‘crazy plant lady.’ I received my first planter with a few tiny little plant clippings a little over a year ago and now my plants have quickly taken over my life – and my dorm room. The allure of keeping plants wasn’t lost on my roommate, either. She now has several pots proudly sitting on the windowsill alongside my army! Rather than online shopping for shoes and dresses, I prefer to browse Etsy, looking for succulents and plant clippings. I can’t tell you why I love my plants so much, I… View Post