At Home Photoshoots: Creating Compelling Content during Quarantine

Writing a post about setting up at home photoshoots feels frivolous, if I’m being honest. The world feels like it’s practically stopped spinning and here I am giving you advice on taking pretty pictures.  But here’s the thing: I think it’s important to shift your focus away from the bad. In therapy I’ve learned the one thing you can always control is your reactions to what you can’t control. And right now, I can’t control this scary pandemic or the fact that I need to shelter at home. But I can make the most of it and get my creative… View Post

Learning Spanish with Duolingo While Staying Safe at Home

This post is written in collaboration with Duolingo, all opinions are my own.I’m going to be honest, I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. But all of a sudden, when I no longer have the option to be out and about I’ve been feeling a little stir crazy. One thing I’ve been enjoying? Dreaming up the trips Garrett and I will take together when this all passes. One place that’s been on my bucket list for ages is Spain. I’ve travelled abroad before to Argentina with my dad, and the language barrier was intimidating. I heavily relied on my… View Post

Date Night Idea: The Adventure Challenge

This post is sponsored by The Adventure Challenge, thanks for supporting the brands that make Mostly Morgan possible. Garrett and I live together, so it’s easy to say every night is date night (and that’s what it feels like!) but sometimes it’s hard to get out of our routines and make a real effort to mix things up. Most of our nights look like dinner, an episode or two on Netflix, playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch, playing with our cats and dog, go to bed. Any date nights where we actually leave the house tend to be dinners and a movie. And we are both creatures of habit and love routine, so neither of… View Post

How I Bought a House as a Self-Employed 24 Year Old

Buying a house has been an exciting, stressful, wonderful experience that was a wild ride beginning to end. I documented a lot of the process on Instagram and I got a handful of questions (and assumptions 🙃) about how I bought a house at 24.  Now, here’s a bit of a spoiler alert: I live in an area where housing is super accessible. I dipped into my savings account for the down payment, and now my monthly mortgage is significantly less than my rent was. With that said, I have always been really good with money. My parents would get… View Post

Shopping Sustainably for Beginners (Even if You’re Broke)

I’ve spent a long time ignoring that nagging voice in the back of my head reminding me how important converting to a more ethical lifestyle and shopping sustainably is. Truth is, I’ve been comfortable ignoring big issues and living my life worry free. As I get older I realize how irresponsible that is. A few big realizations I’ve had are: my decisions has consequences, my decisions do make a difference, and I am responsible for making decisions to live my life in a way that causes as little harm to others as possible. And a big slap in the face was realizing how… View Post