How to succeed at Instagram (without really trying.)

Check my Instagram account out here! I have mentioned here before about how much I love Instagram. I am a very visual person, and though it’s perhaps rude, I really don’t care to read what most people post about of Facebook. Getting a peek into their life through photos though? Count me in! I used to use Instagram to stalk celebs and keep up with my old high school friends, but then I started blogging and everything changed. All of the sudden numbers mattered and I needed to be posting high quality images and frequently. It took me longer than I… View Post

How to make your small space SUPER cozy!

In a little over a month I’ll be heading back down to Champaign to move into my first ever apartment. I am so excited to finally be given the opportunity to decorate my own room without having to take anyone else into consideration. I’ve been designing my dream room in my head for months and I’ve finally started hunting for pieces to bring my dream to life. The bedrooms in my apartment are really small – but I’m not going to let that limit me! With some savvy decorating tips I’m planning on taking my tiny room and turning it into a cozy haven.… View Post

My Summer Travel Plans! (And how I’m financing them!)

I am determined to make this summer one of adventure. I am eager to try new things, have new experiences, and step way out of my comfort zone. Last fall I got a brief taste of solo travel when I spent a weekend in Chicago, and I fell in love with the independence I had while I was there and the freedom I felt. I decided on the spot that I wanted to experience that again, so I decided that this summer I am going to make it happen!   Where I’m going: I will be travelling solo to New York… View Post

Your Guide to the Perfect Summer Road Trip!

For me, summer means going on adventures with old friends, whether it be going to an amusement park, swimming in a lake, or taking a road trip with no predetermined destination.  With all of the posts on Pinterest detailing how to have the perfect summer road trip, you might think that they are hard to pull off, but let me tell you that with the right mindset the perfect road trip is easily attainable and requires very little planning. The perfect road trip only requires a few things: good friends, good food, a full tank of gas, and a sense… View Post

My May Favorites & A YouTube Update!

It’s June! My favorite month of the year – it’s my birthday month, the first month of summer, and the weather is absolutely beautiful! But after how incredible May was, I am almost sad to see it go. May brought a ton of happiness through coming home for the summer, spending time with my favorite babies, and catching up with everyone! In addition May brought me some some exciting news (that will be shared soon!) and I broke some blogging records, too! With all of my free time in the summer I thought that it would be a great idea… View Post