Where I see myself in 10 years & a giveaway!

Twenty is a weird age. If you would have asked me what I was doing at twenty when I was in elementary school, I would have assumed I would be married with kids and my life in order because at a time when I thought the sixth graders were functioning adults in society, twenty just sounded so old. Now that I’m twenty, I honestly don’t feel much different than I did when I was young. Twenty comes with perks, I mean I can drive and make my own money and live with roommates in an apartment, but I am nowhere near where… View Post

Meet my Phenomenal Best Friend!

This post is brought to you by She Knows and Lean Cuisine. I’m one of the lucky ones – growing up there was certainly no shortage of amazing women in my life. From family, to teachers, to friends I was really blessed in that I had so many wonderful role models guiding me and helping form me into the person that I am today. Now that I’m older I’m in this amazing place where my peers are doing incredible things and I have a whole new group of women to look up to. As I mentioned in my last post,… View Post

Back to School: Game Day Fashion & a DIY.

When it comes to back to school I’m trying not to think too much about the late nights at the library, exams, and the stress that comes with classes. Instead I’m looking at the positives – catching up with friends, living in an apartment instead of the dorms, and game day. Game day at Illinois is always so fun and so festive. Blue and orange as far as the eye can see and so many fun events. Even if historically our team hasn’t always been the best (hey! We’re working on it!) the support is there. Morph suits, face paint, and crazy… View Post

Memories, the Future & Boating.

This post brought to you by Discover Boating. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mostly Morgan. When it comes to my identity, there are a few key descriptions that I think sum me up pretty well: Student, blogger, daughter, friend, adventurer, river rat.  I’ve always said that I have river water running through my veins. Every other memory from my childhood takes place on my dad’s boat and for my entire life the river has been my favorite place. Growing up there was approximately ten feet from my back door to the Rock River, and the flow of the… View Post

Weigh my accomplishments; not me.

I’m excited to have been selected as one of Lean Cuisine’s Phenomenal Ambassadors. I’ll be working with the brand all summer to help share great story of accomplishments and great food! I, like so many other women, am used to being underestimated. People look at me and see a doe-eyed twenty-year-old and they make assumptions based on nothing but my appearance. My baby face makes people conclude that I must be immature and my constant grin leads people to believe that I can’t be serious. And unfortunately, the fact that I’m a girl leads people to think little of me and… View Post