Fall Fashion & Statement Necklaces.

I’ve mentioned here before that I love fall for it’s fashion – booties, and sweaters, and leggings – oh my! Last week we had our first real almost taste of fall on the U of I campus (even though highs are back in the eighties again this week) and I took full advantage of it! I couldn’t go all out, because admittedly it was still a little warm for chunky knits and scarves, but I still think I did a good job bringing in some fall vibes with this outfit. I pulled out my all-time favorite pair of booties from JC Penney, and… View Post

The BEST Time Management Tips for College Students.

So, I spent a good chunk of time this weekend trying to film a video on time management in college – and my words just weren’t cooperating. I eventually gave up and put that project on the back burner (until next weekend!) but I still wanted to share a few of the key tips I was planning on talking about with you. Next week when the video is (hopefully!) live, I will embed it on the bottom of this post, and you can watch that if you want a more in depth understanding of how I manage my time, but I… View Post

Filene’s Basement & Online Shopping!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Filene’s Basement. All opinions are 100% mine. Shopping online is kind of my jam – I love how it’s easy to find what I want in minutes with just a few clicks rather than having to go to three different stores over the span of an hour to find something that is sort of what I was looking for. But my other jam is discount stores – I’m all about saving money and shopping sales – something that is harder to do online. In store it seems like I… View Post

Beating boredom during long days.

I hope you don’t mind indulging me for a moment while I tell you about my Thursdays. Up until this semester, I had always dreaded Mondays for obvious reasons – but that’s all changed. Now Thursdays are the bane of my existence and for good reason! Thursdays have me getting up at 8 for my first lab of the day, and finishing my last lab at 7 in the evening. I do have a 2 hour break at 12:30 that affords me time to go home to make food – but the rest of the day I’m on campus. It’s definitely not ideal,… View Post

My favorite Pandora Stations.

Please don’t hate me for posting so many self-indulgent posts lately. This one is a little less so because I am going to be introducing you to some killer new Pandora stations by some of my faves. And just in time for ad-free day on Pandora! I have been toying around with this post for a while, and today I got the notification that tomorrow (aka the day that this post is going live!) Pandora isn’t going to be playing ads. So I took it as a sign. I spend the better part of my day listening to music – while I cook,… View Post