What to Wear for Engagement Pictures

Typically, I’m not one to overthink my outfits. I go for comfort and practicality, throw on a cute hat, and call it a day. When it came to planning for my engagement pictures, though, I put a lot of thought into what pieces photograph well and how to plan his and hers outfits that coordinate without giving off early 2000s family portrait vibes. After endless hours scrolling through Pinterest and pinning engagement pictures that I think nailed it. Here is the formula I’ve come up with to make sure you and your honey look in sync when you’re getting your pictures done. Break… View Post

Wedding Planning Advice for Introverts

When Garrett and I started planning our wedding, we had a bunch of “oh s%^$!” moments realizing just how much the wedding industry and traditions catered towards the most outgoing of couples. For two low key wall flowers like us, a lot of the expected festivities made us feel, well, anxious. I really don’t need Garrett climbing up my dress for my garter in front of my grandma and ring bearers. And the idea of saying my vows meant just for my love into a microphone for 125 people to hear gives me the sweats. And then we had an… View Post

How to Thrift for Gifts this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, I encourage everyone to thrift for gifts if you’re able. You’ll be giving unique presents, saving money, and helping to reduce the waste that comes with the holiday season. With that said: not all thrift finds are equal. If you’re shopping for somebody who isn’t into thrifting or “doesn’t get it” they could be put off by the idea of a second hand gift.  With that in mind, I try to keep a few rules in mind if I’m thrifting for a gift for a less thrifty (but very lovely!) recipient.  In years past, I’ve… View Post

5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Makeup Looks

I love Halloween. I’m 100% unashamed of that fact. I trick-or-treated until way past the “socially acceptable” age, love Hocus Pocus with all of my heart, and am all about ghouls and ghosts and goblins. Another thing I love? DIY-ing costumes. It’s infinitely more fun for me to get creative and come up with a fun costume with Halloween Makeup and clothes I already own than pick something up at the Halloween store. Halloween definitely looks different this year, and I almost wasn’t going to post about it at all. Instead, I decided to polish up this post that was… View Post

22 Easy Ways to Get Fit (Even if You’re Busy)

I’ve seen a concerning trend with friends in real life and in the blogging world. It seems that everyone is on a diet but nobody is dieting ‘right.’ (And I should add, “diets” really shouldn’t be the solution, but many people consider eating healthy to be a “diet.”) I understand that figuring out how to get fit is hard because most of us are stressed, we are busy, and ordering a pizza is so much easier that cooking. But make the commitment to yourself and to your health to not take shortcuts when it comes to getting healthy! A lot of people are sticking… View Post